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Exterior Wood Siding Paint Stripping

Paint removal for wood siding

The image above is a good shot of intact wood siding before and after stripping. You can see the Classic Arm articulating out holding the Speedheater™ in place.  Hands-free holding of Speedheater™ allows it to move ahead to heat next area while previously heated area is stripped. Exterior Wood Siding Paint Stripping Made Easy With The Classic… Read more »

5 Benefits of Infrared Heat Paint Stripping

Removing thick layers of paint can be extremely challenging for homeowners, especially for those who have older homes. Before 1978, most of the paint used on homes was lead-based. Fumes, dust, chips and waste from lead-based paint can cause serious health problems if not collected and disposed of completely. Traditional paint removal methods include the… Read more »

How To Mount A Speedheater™ Classic Arm

When using the Classic Arm, it is acceptable to have the surface of siding not be completely stripped of absolutely every bit of paint….if it will be repainted. The surface should be cleared of loose paint. What remains is very tenacious paint, which after heating and scraping, is very unlikely to fail later. After using the Speedheater™,… Read more »