What Makes Eco-Strip and Speedheater™ Better Than Our Competitors?

When it comes to paint removal, infrared heat strippers remove paint quickly and easily. The infrared heat method is safer and gentler for wood and the environment than any other method of paint removal. However, not all infrared paint strippers are created equal. In terms of safety, efficiency, and quality, our Speedheater™ products beat the competition time and time again.

Superior Design

Swedish inventor, Birger Ericson, designed the Speedheater™ Standard 1100 Infrared (IR) Paint Remover in the 1990s. The Speedheater™ 1100 has been available in the U.S. and Canada from Eco-Strip since 2003. All Speedheater™ products and accessories continue to be manufactured in Sweden.

Both the Silent Paint Remover and Heat-N-Strip are copies of the original Speedheater™ design. In fact, the original Silent Paint Remover manufactured in 2006 looks identical to the Speedheater™ 1100. The only visible difference is that the Speedheater™ 1100 has SPEEDHEATER embossed on its metal end plates, while the Silent Paint Remover says HEATER 1100. Buyers should be extremely cautious when purchasing an infrared paint stripping system.


UL Certification

In 2006, the Speedheater™ 1100 Infrared Paint Remover passed international electrical safety testing and received certification from the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Since that time, all upgrades made to the Speedheater™ 1100 design are retested and recertified by UL. Large hardware and paint stores in the United States require UL certification.

Neither the Silent Paint Remover nor the Heat-N-Strip has received UL certification.

Quality Manufacturing

In addition to being internationally UL-certified, the Speedheater™ 1100 conforms to European Union CE health, safety and environmental requirements.

The Silent Paint Remover and Heat-N-Strip do not document their compliance with any electrical or manufacturing standards, nor list the location of their manufacturing plants.


The original design of the Speedheater™ 1100 has been upgraded a number of times since its release in the United States. Upgrades exclusive to the Speedheater™ 1100 include changing to more durable bulbs and installing shock absorbers on these bulbs to reduce their breakage on impact.

Lead Paint Safety

The Speedheater™ 1100-15 has passed independent testing both in the US and Sweden regarding its safety in not creating toxic lead fumes. The Speedheater™ operates effectively when heating paint to 400-500℉. Lead vaporizes when heated over 1000℉. The Speedheater™ does not create lead fumes and is compliant with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws.

Customer Support

Eco-Strip customers have been especially pleased with the support they’ve received regarding product selection, order processing, and troubleshooting. In fact, in our free consultations with customers, we recommend other paint stripping methods if our Speedheater™ Method does not fit their specific applications.

Bob Yapp of Belvedere Preservation School commented on Facebook,

“Of all the companies I deal with, Eco-Strip is hands down the best. Fast and honest responses and of course, based on testing, the very best infrared paint removal devises on the market. I’ve purchased 15 of their products for my preservation artisan trade school.”

Customers frequently complain to us about the lack of support they’ve received from Viking Sales/Silent Paint Remover.

Eco-Strip strives to provide our customers with the best paint removal products and exceptional customer service. Please contact us for more information about Speedheater™ products.

Spring Home Improvement Projects 2018

Speedheater Being Used

Spring is a time of new beginnings. This is the perfect time to start that home improvement project you’ve been putting off all winter. Here are our tips for projects to prepare your home for summer.

Update Your Home with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Put your home’s best face forward with a fresh paint job. An updated color scheme can take your house from ordinary to traffic-stopping. A good exterior paint job can last ten years if it’s done right. Even if your home doesn’t require a full paint makeover, consider a touch-up to prolong the life of your siding and trim.

Remove Old Paint Prior to Painting

Happy homeowners working as a team to use their Speedheater™ !

Prior to painting, it’s important to remove existing paint and varnish. Proper preparation can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Dry, uneven paint prevents good adhesion of new paint. Stripping old paint provides the ideal surface for the application and durability of a fresh coat. Paint stripping also helps remove lead paint, which can pose a safety hazard to people living in and around your home.

If your house was built before 1978, it’s highly likely that the existing paint contains lead. Removing lead paint can release toxic lead fumes, dust, and chips into the environment. It’s crucial that you take the necessary precautions to prevent this from occurring. Read more about lead paint removals at epa.gov/lead.

Quick and Easy Paint Stripping

Removing old paint can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Speedheater™ products allow you to remove old paint quickly and easily. The system uses infrared rays to warm paint only to the point at which it can be easily scraped away. Layers of paint are removed in large chunks that can easily be collected on plastic sheeting and disposed of safely.

Fast, Safe, Effective

Infrared heat stripping is safer and more effective than any other paint stripping method. Speedheater™ products help protect you and your neighbors from the damaging effects of lead paint. The system does not create toxic fumes and minimizes paint dust. It’s gentle on the wood unlike power washing, sanding and chemicals. The infrared rays bring the natural resin back up to the surface of the wood. This rejuvenates the wood and creates the ideal surface for you to immediately apply your fresh paint.

The Speedheater™  Standard 1100 is perfect for large, flat surfaces. The Speedheater™ Cobra is ideal for window paint and putty, interior and fancy wood work, and furniture. and more. They can make adhesive on car decals and glue on wood and concrete after removing carpets easier to scrape off. A Speedheater™ also works well for drying out moisture in wood and concrete. It also kills mildew and fungi while drying those surfaces.

Speedheater™ products allow you prepare for a wide range of spring painting projects quickly and easily.

Please contact us for more information about Speedheater™ products.

Enter our Paint Stripping Photo Contest

You Could Be The Lucky Cobra™ Winner!

On our Facebook page, show us a paint removal project that you want to tackle or have been avoiding because it’s a hassle. We want to know which DIY project you need the Speedheater™ Cobra for.

Examples of paint stripping projects:

  • Window frames – paint and putty
  • Fancy interior wood trim
  • Doors with glass
  • Old painted wood being repurposed into furniture
  • Picture frames and wall hangings
  • Bed frames
  • Coffee tables
  • Kitchen cabinets


First place prize: Speedheater™ Cobra Infrared Paint Remover (valued at $499).

Second Place Prize: Three Speedheater™ Swedish-Manufactured, Pull-Type Paint Scrapers: The Clapboard Scraper, the Profile Scraper, and the Boomerang Scraper (Valued at $147).

Third Place Prize: One Speedheater™ Swedish-Manufactured, Pull-Type Paint Scraper (Valued at $49).


No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase does not increase the chances of winning. Must be 18 years old or older and reside in the United States to enter. To enter, post a video or photo of the DIY project you’ve been avoiding on our Facebook Page.

Entries are limited to 1 project per a person. The contest is open to contractors, professionals, and DIY-ers. The Contest begins at 12:01 am Eastern Time (ET) on January 16, 2018, and ends at 11:59 pm on February 28, 2018. All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm ET on February 28, 2018.


All entries must meet the Contest requirements. Eco-Strip will review and select winners based on the following criteria:

People’s Choice – 100%
The photo with the most comments and likes will win the prize.

In the event of a tie, a winner will be drawn at random.


To vote electronically, anyone can vote by writing a comment or “liking” the submissions in the following places on our Facebook page. (include link to FB page). Voters may vote/comment/like more than one project/entry.


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How to Restore Furniture with the Speedheater™ Cobra Paint Stripper

How to use Speedheater in Winter

Whether you are a DIY garage sale fanatic or professional furniture restorer, our Speedheater™ Cobra Infrared Paint Remover makes your hobby or job faster, cleaner and safer. If old, faded, and uneven paint and varnish surfaces are not the look you want in your home, full paint stripping is your challenge. In addition, cracked, loose and peeling paint is a serious health hazard to both humans and pets when it is pre-1978, lead-based paint.  This old paint’s dust and and fumes are toxic when ingested or inhaled and particularly dangerous for growing children under 5 years old.

Stripping paint from furniture can be very tedious without the proper tools. The smaller Speedheater™ Cobra removes paint quickly and easily with very little mess. It uses gentle infrared rays to warm paint to the point where it can be scraped away in soft clumps. The compact size of the Cobra head makes it possible to remove paint in hard-to-reach places. It is the perfect choice for furniture with intricate carvings, curves, grooves and spindles. The infrared method is gentle enough to be used safely on fragile antique and family heirloom wooden furniture.

How to Safely Use the Cobra to Strip Furniture

Although the Speedheater™ Cobra is much safer than other paint removal methods, it’s still important to protect yourself and your environment when removing paint. Before stripping paint, gather the proper safety equipment and tools:  6 ml. thick plastic sheeting placed on the floor to collect paint waste, a fire extinguisher, a water spray bottle, and a tight-fitting P-100 or N-100 dust face mask. For final paint waste clean up, professionals invest in high quality, HEPA vacuums. DIYers doing smaller jobs often put a special HEPA filter in their home ShopVacs.

Paint and varnish when heated can release their component chemicals’ fumes. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the room where you are working. Closing doors and leaving only one window open with a fan pulling the air out of the room is usually sufficient to prevent inhalation reactions from the heated paint. It is rare, but a few people are extremely sensitive to chemicals and cannot tolerate being around them in any form.

A major safety advantage of the Speedheater™Infrared Paint Removers is that they quickly heat paint to only a low temperature and yet are very effective. With less than 5 seconds of exposure from the concentrated infrared rays of the Cobra, the paint is heated to 400-600?, bubbles, and separates from the wood. Paint heated to only these temperatures does not create toxic lead fumes.


Paint Stripping Tips

Prior to stripping furniture, most of the repairs should be done. If an entire piece of furniture is to be stripped, first test an inconspicuous area. An unexpected veneer surface will be delaminated by the concentrated, infrared heat.

Never place the operating Cobra’s metal shroud directly on a surface. It will scorch the wood! With the Cobra held in one hand, move it no closer than an inch from the surface, watch the paint very closely for bubbles and for slight paint fumes (not lead!), and then immediately move it a few feet away from the heated surface. Some users set the Cobra aside by turning it upside down on its Support Bar with the rays pointing up into the open air. Others keep the Cobra in one hand while holding a scraper in the other hand. Scrape the softened paint off right away. With more delicate and expensive wood furniture, a dull, plastic or wooden push scraper may be more appropriate than the sharp, beveled-edge, pull type scrapers recommended for most paint stripping with our Speedheater™.

Do not reheat wood that is nearly bare. It will scorch! If slight amounts of coating remain and a clear coat will be applied later, heavily mist the surface with water, reheat it for less time to release the very thin coating or wet sand it. If water is not used, the dry, wood surface can be painted immediately.

Safe, Effective Furniture Paint Removal

The Speedheater™ Cobra uses 20-year-tested infrared technology to remove paint and varnish. Stripping paint with the Speedheater™ Cobra is more time effective and safer than any other paint removal method. No slow-acting, messy chemicals or wet wood to dry for days. No toxic lead fumes. No flying paint chips from dry scraping. The Cobra creates easily-contained ,soft paint shavings. It also uses 75% less energy than the traditional heat gun method by heating the paint so fast and so thoroughly.

The system’s low operating temperature prevents scorching and dangerous gases from being released into the atmosphere. Infrared heat opens the grain of the wood and draws moisture to the surface. This creates the perfect canvas for a fresh coat of paint or varnish. No other method is safer, faster, more environmentally-friendly or gentler on wood.

Please contact us for more information about the Speedheater™ Cobra.

Speedheater™ Standard vs. Cobra – Which is Better for My Project?

Standard Speedheater Paint Stripper

Eco-strip offers products specially designed for safe and effective paint removal. The Speedheater™ Standard and Speedheater™ Cobra can both be used to remove paint and varnish quickly and easily. However, each product has its own unique characteristics and applications and customers often ask us what the difference is between the Speedheater™ Cobra and the Standard Speedheater™. Read on to learn which product is best for your next project.

Speedheater™ Standard

The Speedheater™ Standard Kit can be used for a wide variety of large projects. This system removes paint and varnish quickly and easily from wood siding, porches, exterior wood trim, floors, baseboards, chair rails, wainscoting, doors, door frames, window frames, painted wood paneling, fireplace mantels, cabinets and stairs. The majority of these projects have long, flat surfaces to strip. By heating a 3” x 10” area in one application of infrared rays, this larger Speedheater™ makes thorough scraping with long strokes easier.

The Speedheater™ Standard works best on wood surfaces with oil-based paint, latex paint, varnish or polyurethane coatings. The Speedheater™ Standard can also be used on rain gutters, sheet metal and old plaster if they have smooth surfaces and several layers of coating. To complete the system, the addition of the Classic Arm to hold and move the Speedheater™ Standard hands-free doubles stripping productivity.

Speedheater™ Cobra 

For heating smaller areas, the Speedheater™ Cobra works better. The concentrated infrared rays from 6 short bulbs heat a 3” x 3” area in less than 5 seconds. The Cobra has a smaller head and is much lighter allowing it to be used in tight spaces.  The Cobra is the right choice for hard-to-access painted surfaces such as wood stair spindles and posts that are lathe-turned and curved.

Furniture stripping is a common application of the Cobra. The Cobra removes paint and varnish quickly and easily from furniture with narrow spindles that are close together or with carved, narrow-grooved, or intricate designs. It can also be used to remove old window glazing without breaking the glass. The Cobra is popular for restoring windows with multiple, small panes of glass. Its small size makes it the ideal choice for close, fast heating of both the window glazing and paint in those smaller panes. On the other hand, the Speedheater™ Standard works better on windows with larger panes of glass and with longer pieces of wood.

Safe, Quick and Easy Paint Removal

Speedheater™ products are gentler on the wood and safer for people and our environment than any other paint removal method. These revolutionary products use infrared rays to gently warm paint so that the soft paint can be scraped away in large pieces. These pieces can be collected and disposed of more easily and quickly than with other methods of paint stripping. There are no toxic lead fumes released by the low temperature of the paint. The generation of flying paint waste chips and dust is minimized. These eliminate most of the risk associated with removing lead based paint.

Please contact us for more information about the Speedheater™ Standard and the Speedheater™ Cobra.

How to use your Speedheater™ Effectively for Winter Paint Stripping Projects

How to Safely do Paint Stripping Indoors in Winter

Many of us stay inside during the cold months of winter. This forces us to focus our attention on the interior of our homes. When doing so, you will likely notice a few things that need attention. While you might believe that paint removal is not possible during the winter, nothing could be further from the truth. Getting indoor projects completed in the winter can be rewarding and ensures your home will be ready for spring and summer.

Safe and Easy Paint Removal

If you’ve been putting off indoor projects because you are concerned about the safety of removing paint or varnish, Speedheater™ can help! The Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Remover heats paint and varnish quickly and easily without the risk of toxic lead fumes, messy chemicals, or flying dust.

Winter Paint Stripping Projects

Paint can be removed at any time, regardless of the season. Although the Speedheater™ can be used both indoors and out, it’s best to stick with indoor projects during the winter. Why? Heating time will be much longer for the paint and wood in the cold weather. Heated paint cools faster and hardens more quickly in wind and cold air making its removal difficult. For best results, don’t try paint stripping using infrared or applying fresh paint in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the temperature of the surface you are painting, as it can be colder than the temperature of the air.

If you do start stripping paint on the outside of your house make sure that you are able to re-paint the surface immediately. Leaving bare wood exposed for weeks or months is not a good idea. The moisture in the air may soak into the bare wood. Moisture under paint is the most common reason for paint failure.

The Speedheater™ can help you accomplish a number of indoor improvement projects this winter. It quickly and easily removes paint and varnish from wood floors and trim, chair and stair rails, baseboards, door frames and doors. The Speedheater™ Cobra is perfect for refinishing smaller projects like windows and chairs. Strip the ugly paint off your cabinets and show their beautiful wood. Thinking of taking up that old tile floor in your kitchen and putting in other flooring? The Speedheater™ can soften the adhesive under linoleum flooring and make it easier to pull up.

Gentle Paint Removal

Speedheater™ infrared paint removal is the safest method for users and the gentlest method for wood. The Speedheater™ uses a very specific wave length of infrared rays to heat the paint only high enough to release it from the surface and make it bubble. Heating paint to this low level will not release toxic lead fumes. Immediately scraping soft paint creates clumps of paint waste and minimizes flying paint dust.

Infrared paint removal is the least damaging to the wood of any paint stripping method. The rays open the wood grain and bring the natural wood resin up to the surface. This rejuvenates old, dry wood. The infrared rays do not heat completely through the wood and under it like the blowing, hot air from a heat gun does. The risk of scorching the wood or creating a fire behind the wood is very low with an infrared paint stripper. We’ve all heard stories about beautiful, old houses being burned down by heat gun paint stripping. Not with the Speedheater™!

Speedheater™ products make winter paint stripping projects a breeze!

Please contact us for more information about Speedheater™ products.

How to Use an Infrared Paint Stripper

Remove Varnish From Boats

Heat has been used for many years to strip paint. Infrared heat allows you to work faster than a standard heat gun, without working any harder. Infrared heat stripping is quick and easy with Speedheater™ products. These innovative paint strippers work by gently heating paint to the point at which it can be safely removed. Speedheater™ products draw the natural wood resins back to the wood’s surface, effectively rejuvenating it.

Speedheater™ Products Are Safe and Easy to Use

Heat guns operating at 800-1100F degrees heat paint to these levels. Lead paint gives off invisible fumes when heated around 900F degrees. Once lead paint turns to fumes, special organic vapor face masks must be worn to protect workers. In addition, using blowing heat on painted surfaces greatly increases the risk of often-undetected fire behind the wood surface being stripped. Infrared rays heat paint in a different way and do not heat whatever is behind the wood. This minimizes the risk of fire.

Using Speedheater™ Paint Strippers

Speedheater™ products are incredibly easy to use. Once turned on and warmed up, the Speedheater™ can be held just a few inches from the paint. The paint will begin to bubble and smoke. The Speedheater™ should then be removed, and the paint simply scraped away. A pull scraper works best for removing paint, as it will not mar the wood.

The Speedheater™ Cobra is small enough to be used with just one hand. This allows you to reach more areas and hold a scraper in your other hand while working. The original Speedheater™ is larger and works well on bigger areas such as windows, doors and siding.

It’s a good idea to work in small sections until all of the paint is removed. Reheating sections that have just been heated can cause the wood to burn. You will need to work quickly so that you do not scorch the wood or paint. It only takes two to three seconds to heat paint with the Speedheater™ Cobra and twenty to thirty seconds with the original Speedheater™.

When removing paint from pieces that are not attached to a building or other object, it’s a good idea to clamp them down. This ensures that your piece won’t move around while you’re working on it.

Whenever you stop working with your Speedheater™, it’s important to set it down with the heating element facing up. This will prevent it from burning the surface it’s placed on.

Infrared Heat Stripping with Speedheater™ Products

Speedheater™ products remove paint, varnish and adhesives quickly and easily. Paint is removed in large pieces that can be easily disposed of. Please contact us for more information about Speedheater™ products.

Infrared Paint Removal: Why Outsource When You Can DIY?

If you want a good-looking, long-lasting new paint job on the outside of your home, your woodwork or even furniture, stripping off all the old paint is a must. But it is the most time-consuming and painful portion of painting. In fact, many people skip the stripping and just paint over old, uneven paint, or hire someone else to do it for them. But what if you had a way to remove paint that was clean, easy, and non-toxic?

Most paint stripping systems have a downside. Abrasive methods like power sanding and shaving are effective on flat siding, if you are skilled and can handle holding them vertically for hours. But they spread lots of dust, which can be laden with lead. High heat stripping methods have a high risk of fire. Chemical strippers can be toxic and give off horrible fumes. Most environmentally-friendly chemical strippers are slower and may take many applications.

Removing paint with infrared heat, using the Speedheater™ Standard or Cobra, is the best alternative for paint stripping! It’s quick, since it only takes 20-30 seconds of infrared exposure to soften paint. The Speedheater™ infrared rays soften paint by heating it to 400° – 600° F. Most heat guns heat paint to over 1000°F! Lead begins to vaporize into toxic gas above 1100°F. When the Speedheater™ is used properly, no lead gas is emitted, the risk of fire is low, and minimal lead dust is created.

DIYers who are thinking of hiring someone for their paint stripping because of lead paint concerns can easily use Speedheater™ themselves. When the paint is soft and scraped, lead dust is not generated. The paint scrapings clump together and drop onto a tarp, which makes clean up much easier, faster and safer!

For DIYers with large areas to strip, adding the Speedheater™ Arm makes paint stripping even faster! The arm holds the Speedheater™ Standard, so that you can heat one area ahead of you while scraping the already-heated area. How’s that for efficient use of a tool?

The Speedheater™ System is the perfect set-up for a DIYer who wants to tackle a large painting project but has been putting it off because of the hassle of paint stripping.


Environmentally Friendly Paint Removers

Years ago, the main way to remove paint was by using a fast-working chemical stripper called methylene chloride, which gave off harsh fumes and had a high VOC (volatile organic compounds) content. This compound could only be used in a properly-ventilated area because of its toxicity. In fact, the active ingredients in most common paint removers are organic solvents which may damage the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, nervous system, and internal organs. Also, liquid paint and varnish removers are among the most toxic products used in homes!

Luckily, times have changed and now we have several options for more safely removing old paint from wood surfaces. Chemical strippers using safer ingredients have been on the market for more than 15 years. Thanks to growing interest in “green building,” environmentally-friendly paint removal products are more popular than ever. Many of them are non-caustic gels, and some are even made from soybean or citrus. While liquid strippers eliminate dust, they still leave messy gel and water with paint waste in it. These are hard to contain and often contaminate surrounding areas.

Dry scraping, sanding, and even shaving loose paint are common, modern methods of paint removal, especially on building exteriors. These methods work faster than liquid paint removers, but huge amounts of paint dust and chips fly out beyond the work area and into the environment.

And then there are open torches and high heat guns. They soften the paint, make less dust, and don’t have chemicals to burn you, but they operate at 1000 degrees F, which can release toxic, lead fumes. Plus the extremely high blowing heat greatly increases the risk of fire on the surface or behind it. That’s why we recommend the Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Removal Systems, including our newest product, the Cobra. Speedheaters’ unique infrared rays bubble paint and varnish in as little as two seconds, yet don’t heat coatings high enough to create lead fumes.

Some of the environmentally-friendly benefits of using Speedheater™ Standard and Cobra are:

  • No environmentally hazardous chemicals
  • No contaminated waste water or gels soaking into the ground.
  • 75% less energy consumption than a heat gun.
  • No flying dust and chips.
  • No lead gas released.
  • Mildew, fungus, and algae in wood and on concrete are killed without chemicals.

The safest way to remove lead paint is with Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Removal Systems.



Eco-Strip Announces the Availability of the Speedheater™ Cobra

Speedheater Cobra

Eco-Strip, LLC announced this week the availability of Speedheater™ System’s newest product, the Speedheater™ Cobra. Using 20-year-tested infrared technology, the Speedheater™ Cobra strips paint, varnish and adhesives. Infrared heat stripping with Speedheater™ products has been proven to be quicker, easier and safer than other paint stripping methods.

Heat guns are commonly used to strip paint. However, the blowing heat emitted from a high heat gun is not easy to control. With the Cobra, paint temperatures can be controlled simply by adjusting the distance of the tool from the paint. The Speedheater™ Cobra softens paint and varnish in as little as one to three seconds. Yet it uses 75% less energy than a heat gun.

The Speedheater™ Cobra solves a number of issues associated with other paint stripping methods. There is absolutely no downtime between stripping applications and repainting. The Speedheater™ Cobra removes paint in soft, large pieces that are easily contained. This eliminates messy paint chips and airborne dust which can contaminate surrounding areas. It does not penetrate into the wood. The Speedheater™ Cobra is safe and efficient to use on windows, staircases, tight corners, furniture, boat details and carved wood.

“The Speedheater™ Cobra is a breakthrough in paint stripping technology.” said Catherine Brooks of Eco-Strip. “No other tool matches the Cobra in efficiency, dependability or comfort. We are pleased to offer this product to both professionals and DIYers.”

The Speedheater™ Cobra is fast. Only one, very quick heating application is necessary to completely remove paint. The Cobra can also be used to remove factory-applied paint off cabinets and cars, as well as difficult to remove adhesives such as epoxy and old window putty. The Cobra kills mold, fungus and algae on both wood and concrete.

The Speedheater™ Cobra is specially designed to be small, comfortable and efficient. The tool’s six short bulbs and compact head deliver highly-concentrated infrared rays. The entire tool weighs just 22oz. and has an adjustable Support Bar which can be used to angle the tool from 15 to 60 degrees. This reduces stress on the arm and wrist during use. The Support Bar can also be used to safely store the tool.

About Eco-Strip, LLC

Eco-Strip, LLC is the exclusive US distributor of the Speedheater™ System. The company strives to provide safe and efficient paint stripping products. They offer a variety of Speedheater™ products, painting accessories and tools. Speedheater™ products are available for sale through Eco-Strip’s website. The website also provides valuable information about the use of Speedheater™ products.
For more information about Eco-Strip, please visit https://eco-strip.com.