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  • Restoring Old House Removed Paint

    Tips for Restoring an Old House

    2019 February 25

    Restoring an old house takes a lot of time and skill. Homeowners often find hidden surprises during restoration. Unfortunately, these surprises usually end up costing more than anticipated. If you’ve…

  • Other Uses for the Speedheater™

    2019 January 30

    The Speedheater™ removes paint and varnish quickly and easily from multiple surfaces. This product uses infrared heat to gently warm paint only to the point at which it can be…

  • How Does Infrared Work to Heat Paint?

    2018 December 20

    Infrared heat stripping is safer, more effective, and more environmentally-friendly than any other type of paint removal method. Infrared heat strippers, such as the Speedheater™ Standard 1100 and the Speedheater™…