• STRIPPING PAINT OFF SIDING: Power Washing OR Infrared Paint Removers

    2022 March 25

    QUESTION: Why do we see so much power washing done on home exteriors for paint removal?  ANSWER:     It’s cheap and fast! Many contractors use power washers to pressure…

  • How to Use Speedheater™ Infrared Technology for Paint Removal

    2022 January 03

    Most homeowners and professional painters know that paint removal can be a laborious but often necessary step in home improvement and restoration projects. In addition to giving the new application…

  • Why not to replace windows
    Why not to replace windows

    GUEST BLOG: Why Bother Fixing Antique Windows?

    2021 August 26

    This blog is written by our guest, Chris Hewett, from his private Facebook Group, MyOldHouseFix. Chris’ summaries of complex home restorations topics and his links to other resources are favorites…