Infrared Rack Kit


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The InfraRed Rack Kit™ is a hands-free accessory for our Speedheater™ 1100. The main benefit is that in large areas, such as exterior siding, it allows you to strip paint using our Speedheater™1100 with less set-up time and very fast and efficient position changes.  Additionally, you can achieve nearly unlimited work area reach both  horizontally and vertically from one initial setup. The set up can be customized to you fit your individual project’s surface. Unique to this hands free accessory is its ability to expand easily to accommodate multiple Speedheaters™ 1100s being used on the same large surface at the same time and on the same Rail System.  2-10 workers can strip simultaneously and side-by-side on the same area.  (One InfraRed Rack Kit™ needs to be purchased per Speedheater™ 1100 in use.)

Your InfraRed Rack Kit purchase includes:

1)  InfraRed Rack Assembly™ – a custom-made, quick-adjusting bracket assembly that holds your Speedheater™1100  for very fast vertical adjustments.

2)  InfraRed Rail System™ Data – a special rail system that holds the InfraRed Rack Assembly for very fast horizontal adjustments. The actual Rail System parts are not included in the InfraRed Rack Kit™. The Kit provides the Technical Data and online shopping list/links to purchase these parts locally/online.  Some of the Rail System parts are large and long. Shipping from Eco-Strip is not cost effective.  These parts are to be purchased locally or online for shipment to a local hardware store or directly to a customer site.

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  • Minimizes set-up time and effort with one-time mounting of the InfraRed Rail System™ at the highest point on the large surface.
  • No additional removal, mounting, and re-installation of components to cover the full area to be stripped 
  • Very fast adjustments both horizontally and vertically.
  • Quick release and lock bracket assembly made with only durable, metal parts and no plastic
  • Customizable Rail System:  only purchase and cut the rails and rods needed
  • Expandable for 2-10 workers stripping on a large surface, side-by-side and simultaneously on one Rail Assembly.  (Additional parts are needed for each worker and each Speedheater™1100: 1 Vertical Rod and Coupler & 1 Rack Assembly Kit)
  • Includes an integrated magnetic scraper “Caddy” which is comfortable and convenient to store and swap between multiple scrapers while on the job.
  • Exterior & Interior use – siding, trim, angled surfaces
  • Prevents the Speedheater™1100 from accidentally being dropped
  • Some assembly is required.


Exteriors: Siding; large, tall exterior window and door frames; long, angled surfaces

Interiors:  Large vertical surfaces such as for wainscoting and wood paneling which can accept the Rail System



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