Speedheater™ Standard 1100 Kit


Our Speedheater™Standard 1100 Infrared Paint Remover works great on large paint stripping jobs like siding, floors, doors, window frames, and porches. Using the right-edged blade to fit surfaces to be stripped cuts down on extra scraper strokes. Most of our customers need at least two scrapers: one with straight edges and one with curved edges. We created the Speedheater™Standard 1100 Kit including our two most common scrapers to meet this need. The size and sharpness of our metal blades and the ergonomic handles make stripping paint softened by the Speedheaters so much more thorough and easier than with traditional scrapers. One application of our larger Speedheater™Standard 1100 heats about a 3” by 11” area in 20-60 seconds. The next area can be heated while the first area is being scraped. Our hands-free accessory, the Classic Arm, can be added to double one worker’s productivity.


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The Speadheater 1100 For residential or commercial use, the Speedheater 1100 Kit includes all the components you need to remove worn out paint or varnish. 20-60 seconds are all that are needed for the paint to reach 200-400℉, bubble and slightly smoke. At this temperature the lead does not become toxic fumes. The heated paint should be scraped immediately before it cools and re-adheres. The Kit includes the Speedheater™ 1100 and our two most-commonly used Scrapers – the straight-edged Clapboard Scraper and the curve-edged Profile Scraper. Unlike many paint scraper handles, ours are long. They allow you to use both hands on the handle for more pressure while pulling the scraper towards you. Your strokes are wider and more even. The blades are “spring steel” more resistant to nicking from hitting nails.

  • Speedheater™ 1100 IR Paint Remover, Model 1100-15
  • Profile Scraper, Item 4-0102
  • Clapboard Scraper, Item 4-0104
  • Support Bar
  • Instruction and Safety Manual
  • The Speedheater™ 1100 IR Paint Remover is only sold as a kit including the Profile Scraper, Clapboard Scraper, and Support B

Complete Instruction and Safety Manual:


Length 14"
Width 7"


Weight 4lb. 3 oz
Volts 110-120
Watts 1100
Amps 15
Cord 16 Gauge 3 wire, 8 feet long.
Electrical Connection 1 Phase standard grounded outlet
Switch ON/OFF
Dimensions of Heated Surface 11" x 3"
Item Number 3-9130
UL Listed? Yes

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