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SRS Hardware is a manufacturer of brass hardware for traditional wood windows. Visit their website here.

jlc-logoThis is a recent article from the “Journal of Light Construction” by Tom O’Brien on weatherstripping and restoring old double-hung windows.Download it Here

jlc-logoThis is an article from the “Journal of Light Construction” by Tom O’Brien on lead-safe paint removal tools. This is particularly important in light of the EPA’s new Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule that permits only low-temperature heating devices and vacuum-attached power tools for mechanically stripping painted surfaces that may contain lead. Download it Here

jlc-logoAfter 20 years of whole-house restorations, a veteran craftsman switches to focus on window restoration using the Speedheater. His July 2007 article gives a step-by-step description with photos of how to repair, repaint and weatherize a century-old window back to its original strength, operation, and beauty. Download it here

epa_leadsafecertfirmApril 22, 2010 EPA required contractors disturbing lead-based paint to follow specific work practices and be certified to prevent lead contamination. The new law is called Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP). Read more.

epa-guilty-wrEPA is enforcing the Renovation, Repair and Painting law already. See this article and video on Shawn McCadden’s blog. EPA Publishes First RRP Enforcement of Lead Safe Work Practices.

TOH-logo2In April 2012, THIS OLD HOUSE magazine and their website stops endorsing the Silent Paint Remover and endorses the Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Remover. It’s here.

TOH-logo2 Read about “The Cleaner Cleanup” discussing the Speedheater™ to address lead paint removal problems. Read more.

eht-logoThis is a news article that we wrote for ExtremeHowTo.Com on safer, eco-friendly paint removal. Read More.

diy-logoDIY home improvement show host, David Thiel, demonstrates the proper use of the Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Remover in an article and video on this site. Click on the red video button to see the excellent video. See It Here. is a website whose purpose is facilitating communication among historic preservation professionals and the general public. We published an article there, here is where you can read it.

HUDLogo This is the website for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control. Their emphasis is on getting lead paint out of homes and the programs to achieve it. Read more.

EPALogo2The Environmental Protection Agency website gives facts, tips, and resources on how to protect your children from lead poisoning due to lead dust during home renovations. Read more.

Taking the Pain out of Painting

This article in the “Washington Post” speaks to recent innovations in the paint and paint removal industry. Read More.

My Old Hous Online

This site is the ultimate resource for owners of old houses and period-style homes, gathering information from Old-House Journal, Old-House Interiors, Early Homes, and New Old House. You can visit it here.

Paint and Wallcovering Contractor Magazine

“Paint and Wallcovering Contractor Magazine” talked about us in this article on Greener Painting Preparation Products. You can download it here.

Leadcheck Swabs

Test for lead in paint, dust, tubs, blinds, dishes, etc. from Hybrivet Systems, Inc. Call for technical help at 800-262-5323. Read more.