Scraper Care

Pull Paint ScrapersSpecial Pull Paint Scrapers

Why are special scrapers recommended for the Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Remover?

Most paint or varnish on wooden surfaces will require some elbow grease to remove it. High quality, pull scrapers used after heating the covered surface with the Speedheater™ will be more efficient than traditional putty knives or inexpensive and thinner blades with short handles. There are several reasons for this:

    • Our long, ergonomic 12 5/8″ handle gives you a better grip using both hands.
    • Our scrapers are designed to be pulled toward you rather than being pushed away from you.
    • Our sharp, thicker blades are made of hardened Swedish steel. These blades stay sharp longer than other types of steel blades. Yet they are tested to withstand cracking if one hits a nail or screw while scraping.

How do I hold these scrapers for maximum efficiency?

With one hand on the rear of the long handle and the other closer to the blade, position the scraper handle parallel to the painted surface. Cut through the softened paint and with an even pressure, pull the paint and scraper towards you. This will remove the paint right down to the wood.

What if I can’t get all the paint or varnish off in one heating and scraping?

You may need to heat the surface longer. Let the wood and paint cool off slightly by working on another area where you apply the heat a few seconds longer. Then return to the first area, apply the heat for much less time than the first time so that you do not scorch the wood which is already now more exposed. Scrape the remaining paint off. Remember to use that longer heating time with the other areas.

How about sharpening these blades?

These blades will stay sharp much longer than you’d expect. If you notice that they are not scraping as cleanly or as fast as before, remove the blade from the handle. Place the flat (not beveled) edge down a piece of 150-220 grit sand paper for metal. With a few fingers applying some pressure, rub the blade in circles for about 10-20 seconds. If that does not sufficiently sharpen the blade, use a wet grinder to sharpen it. Be careful not to grind down the beveled edge.