QUESTION: Why do we see so much power washing done on home exteriors for paint removal? 

ANSWER:     It’s cheap and fast!

Many contractors use power washers to pressure wash away dry paint peeling off wood siding. Contractors charge $500-$1000 for a one or two-story house. DIYers can buy a pressure washer for $100-$400 or rent one for $65/day. Once you get the hang of the technique, the job can take less than 3 hours for 2,000 sq. ft.  Power washing is, indeed, the cheapest and fastest surface preparation for repainting siding – no matter who does the work.

Why not power wash your wood siding in preparation for repainting?

The pressure pushes water into the wood. Sometimes, even a second rinsing is needed. Moisture in wood is the most common reason for paint failure. The wood after pressure washing must thoroughly dry for several days to assure new paint will stick long-term. Both professional painters and DIYers, often do not wait the full, necessary drying time before repainting. When this happens, the new paint as well as the old paint will pop off from the moisture trapped underneath.


                                                                                          Wet wood after powerwashing.

Paint chips in water are difficult to contain and to clean up and often, are dangerous.  Although the water is absorbed by the soil underneath the wall, the paint chips are not. These chips can attach to the shoes of playing children or the paws of pets. Most old paint on pre-1978 homes is lead-based. Lead paint chips are very toxic for children if ingested or inhaled. See this blog for more details: . Pets easily can get poisoned, too, from these paint chips getting on their paws and then into their mouths. In addition, power washing uses chemicals such as bleach as cleaning agents to remove and kill mildew, fungus, and algae. These chemicals can damage shrubbery, grass and gardens.


                                                                                               Lead paint chips on soil.

The wood siding is easy to mar. The pressure of the stream of water can gouge and leave the wood surface uneven. Only the loose, peeling paint will release from the wood. The rest of the paint will stay on the wood. When the wood is repainted, the newly-painted surface will look irregular and unattractive.


                                                                                          Uneven painted surface.

Why you choose infrared paint removers? 

No water or wet chemicals are applied when using the Speedheater™ Method of infrared paint removing. The Speedheater™  dry out the existing moisture in wood in seconds. The specific infrared ray wave length permanently kills mold, mildew, and algae spores. Immediately after being heated and scraped, the bare wood is ready for repainting. No waiting time. No other steps. Just creating a beautiful paint job to last for years.

The soft paint shavings form clumps. These dry clumps and strips of stripped paint are easy to contain on a plastic sheet (See the EPA website for details)   placed under the wall being stripped. The sheets with the collected paint waste are fast to fold and dispose of after the job is done. The dirt, plants, humans and pets are not contaminated by the dry, lead paint chips.


                                                                   Speedheater 1100 and Classic Arm Stripping Siding.

Our Speedheater™ sharp, pull-type scrapers quickly and evenly remove all the layers of paint in one heating. The bare wood is revealed after a few strokes of the scraper. Gouging the wood is rare. The remaining wood surface is smooth. The new layer of paint on top of the level surface looks stunning. 

The Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Removers quickly dry out the existing moisture in wood. The specific infrared wave length kills mold, mildew, and algae spores permanently. After being heated and scraped, the bare wood immediately is ready for repainting. No waiting time. No other steps. Just creating a beautiful paint job to last for years.


If you’re looking to step up the look of your old siding by repainting it, look no further than our Curb Appeal Bundle and our Classic Arm for all the tools you need for the job. No matter how straight or curved, long or short, level or grooved your paint surface is and how thick your paint layers are, Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Removers and scrapers are up to the challenge. Quality tools give you quality results. 

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