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As a restoration contractor involved in a large (200 window sashes, frames and trim) lead paint stripping, restoration and paint job, I contacted Catherine Brooks concerning her Eco-Strip Speedheater™ 1100 Infrared Paint Remover. I had initially read about the machine on the Internet. I am very familiar with most chemical paint strippers. Catherine was extremely knowledgeable about her Speedheater™ machine and very helpful. She even personally visited our job site area and demonstrated/ trained seven of my men how to properly use the Speedheater™. I purchased four (4) machines and used them on that job almost every day for seven hours a day for three months. The Speedheater™ is without a doubt the quickest, easiest, cleanest and least expensive way to remove paint. It is now my primary method to remove paint – especially lead paint. In accordance with most states’ law, my men’s blood is tested every two months for lead poisoning. I am pleased to announce that we have never had a problem. The Speedheater™ 1100 Infrared Paint Remover is such a great machine that I will be purchasing several more machines shortly for two more of my lead paint stripping crews.

Stephen Rosenberg of Virginia

“I had to strip 40 years of paint (5 layers) off of the wood. The only other method I had tried was Jasco, and it was too slow and messy. I had read about Speedheater™ in the “Breaktime” forum (Fine Home Building magazine) so that’s how I found Eco-Strip. It took me about 10 hrs. to strip the paint. The next day my arms and hands were sore but well worth it! I had a few neighbors stop by and inquire about the tool. For any future stripping projects I would definitely use this tool.”

Kevin Phillips of California

“The Speedheater™ was a great tool to use. It would have taken us many weekends to strip the three layers of paint off of the woodwork in the dining room. Our neighbors came over to see it in action and moaned with the memories of stripping their exterior and interior surfaces (when they saw) how quickly this tool worked for us.”

Judy McKinney of Pennsylvania

“The Speedheater™ works as well as I had hoped making this difficult task easier. There is no better way to restore the finish of a historic house (c.1840) than by going down to the original wood, and no better way to do it than the Speedheater. I don’t disturb the neighbors, fatigue is minimal, and potential lead exposure is eliminated.”

Steve Smiegel of Connecticut

“We mailed away for (rented) your Speedheater™ to try before we decided that it was good enough to keep. We have no complaints about it and have requested that our painter use it and perhaps order another for use on the exterior paint job of our home. The inside corners have to be attended to with more conventional methods, but the rest of the siding is quick, easy, and safe to strip with your product.

We are particularly pleased with the lack of lead fumes and the safety of the neighborhood and painters, the absence of tons of sanded lead paint on the ground, and the helpful way you gave us tips on the phone whenever we had questions.”

Cynthia Royce of California

“As an experienced painter, I understand the benefits of the Speedheater™ Method versus other methods (of paint removal) in terms of steps saved in set up, clean up and sanding.”

Bronson Veaholis of Florida

“As a “restoration” painter, I am always interested in new methods of removing old paint safely and without lots of chemical mess. I began work on an historic property in Athens, Ga. in the spring of 2005. The house is 7,000 sq-ft and built in 1832. While conducting my initial walk through/estimate, I realized that an enormous part of this job would require lots of old paint removal.

With the help of the Internet, I discovered the Speedheater™ and thought, “That makes sense!” I placed my order. The next day I was visited at the job site by two different paint company representatives. They applied their chemical products onto sections of the house and covered them with paper. A week later, my Speedheater™ arrived in the mail. The next day, I removed the paper from the sections that had been treated with chemicals and began to scrape. In a week, they had only penetrated half of the layers of paint.

Then I turned on the Speedheater™ and let it heat up. The paint was some of the thickest (20 ml) on the house. After 45 seconds, I could see the paint starting to move. In less than 5 minutes, I was able to plug it in, turn it on and strip a 12” X 5” section. As a result, the Speedheater™ was the only tool that could have handled that dried, old wood without risk of scorching or fire and a lot less lead exposure due to the low heating temperature. A year later, the exterior is stripped and painted, and I am still using my Speedheater™ on interior door frames and wainscoting. The Speedheater™ is a great tool for homeowners or everyday (professional) users like myself. Unfortunately, I have probably used up 2,000 of my bulb’s available 5,000 hrs. in just over one year of use. Now that’s a reliable product!”

Pete Dandolos, Classic Paint and Restoration, Athens, GA