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Safe operation of any heating tool requires attention. Read completely the User Manual below for your specific Speedheater™ before you operate it for the first time. In addition, in the USA toxic lead paint was used extensively before it was outlawed in 1978. Special “lead safe work practices” should be followed when disturbing lead paint. Go to the Environmental Protection Agency website for more details:


  • Always ensure that the switch is turned off, the tool is unplugged, and the entire tool has fully cooled before beginning any maintenance work.
  • In order to maintain the product’s safety and efficiency, the IR bulbs and reflectors must be kept clean by wiping them using a cloth moistened with denatured alcohol. Always wear protective gloves during this process and never touch the glass bulbs with bare fingers as it will damage the bulbs.

Speedheater™Standard 1100 Manual:

Speedheater™ Cobra:


If your Speedheater™ is not performing as it should:

The Reflector behind the bulbs and the bulbs may be dirty. This will cause the bulbs to lose effectiveness. It is important to keep the machine, reflector and bulbs clean. To clean the bulbs and reflector, use a soft cloth with denatured alcohol and wipe carefully. Do not use sharp objects which may crack the bulbs.

If you have cleaned your Speedheater™and it is still not working, check the following:

Check the power supply: If pressing the ON switch on your Speedheater™ does not turn the unit on, check if there is a fault in your power supply. Move the tool to another outlet and test it again.

Overheating: If your Speedheater™1100 stops working during operation or does not turn on after it has cooled down completely, it could be caused by the machine being overheated. There is an automatic overheating shutdown feature on the Speedheater™1100. Make sure that your Speedheater™1100 cools off completely. Then push in the reset button located on the handle and beneath the power cord. Restart the Speedheater™1100.

The highly-concentrated infrared rays of the Cobra heat the paint in 1-3 seconds. The metal parts and internal wiring of the Cobra were selected and tested extensively to withstand extreme heat. The speed of heating by the infrared rays is controlled by the operator: the distance from the wood surface (Never directly on it!) and the time the unit is facing the surface. Close attention must be used to completely and immediately move the Cobra head away from the paint as soon it bubbles and slightly smokes and to direct the rays into the open air.

Broken or cracked Bulbs: If you bump the machine into something or if you drop it, it can cause the bulbs to crack or break. Check all the bulbs for any damage. If you find any, you should replace them immediately. You can purchase replacement bulbs for both the Speedheater™ Standard 1100 and the Cobra on this website. Replacement Bulbs and Cobra Replacement Bulbs

Damaged Power Cord: Be especially careful to avoid exposing the cord to the heating element. If your power cord is damaged or individual wires are exposed, it needs to be replaced by our Repair Center. Call 703-940-9425

Do not open or attempt to diagnose or repair an Eco-Strip product. To do so voids your warranty! If none of the above tips bring your Speedheater™ back on, please call us at 703-940-9425. We will further troubleshoot with you and determine if your unit needs to be sent to our Speedheater™ Repair Center. A Return Merchandise Authorization Number, Problem Reporting Form, and instructions will be given at that time.