New Product: Speedheater™ Cobra Paint Stripper

With its 20-year- tested infrared technology, the new Cobra strips paint, varnish, and adhesives with incredible speed. It’s gentle on the user, the wood, and the environment. The soft, paint waste eliminates flying chips and dust and is easily-containable. The valuable wood surfaces of your historic windows and furniture don’t get scorched. It uses approximately 75% less energy than the commonly used heat gun. Like Speedheater™ 1100-15, the Cobra’s infrared heat makes paint and varnish removal fast, safe and environmentally-friendly. Shop the Speedheater™ Cobra.

Easy. Efficient. Eco-Friendly.

Speedheater™ Classic ArmThe Speedheater™ uses infrared rays to warm paint and wood for easy stripping. The process is safe with no lead fumes and clean with little paint dust. The resulting wood surface is bare and immediately ready for priming and painting. No other paint removal method can achieve these high-quality results with so few steps. The infrared rays bring the natural wood resins back up to the wood surface to rejuvenate it. This method also reduces the risk of fire, environmental damage, and clean up time.

It’s not just for exterior and interior home restoration. It can be used on boat varnish, furniture, vinyl decals on cars, flooring adhesives and more.

Speedheater™ is the Gentler, Safer Side of Paint Stripping.


When you think of paint stripping, most people envision harsh chemicals, a variety of sharp tools, a lot of time, tons of elbow grease, and a big mess to clean up. With the Speedheater™ Infrared (IR) Paint Remover Kit, you can avoid all of this. The Speedheater™, operating at 380-580 degrees Fahrenheit is the gentlest method of paint removal. It doesn’t blow high heat into cracks in the surface or heat deeply into the wood, so the risk of fire is minimized. Additionally, the waste by-products are easily contained and collected at the end of the day with no spillage of toxic chemicals onto the surrounding area. Users don’t need to worry about wearing a mask to avoid inhaling toxic lead particles or toxic lead fumes.

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