Return Policy

Notify Eco-Strip immediately by phone at 888-850-8386 if you want to return a product for any reason. Please be patient with us as we try to accurately assess the cause of the problem. An RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) Number must be assigned.


A product which is still sold on the Eco-Strip website and is unopened in its original packaging may be shipped back to Eco-Strip for a refund. Original shipping charges will not be refunded. The cost of Scrapers and Blades which pass inspection as unopened and unused will be refunded. Eco-Strip must open and inspect all other products to assure all components are returned and operational. A $30 restock fee will be deducted from the refund for these larger products.


Opened Flexi Arms cannot be returned. Products opened are considered used as they cannot be resold at full value by Eco-Strip. Usage fees are charged. The customer is responsible for thoroughly cleaning the products according to the Instructions and for packing and shipping products back to Eco-Strip. If repair or cleaning by Eco-Strip is required to refurbish the product, other charges will be deducted. With opened Scrapers and Blades, if usage is detected, charges may be deducted based on the condition of the returned product. With Speedheater™Standard 1100 and Cobra, usage charges accrue the day after the product is delivered to the customer until the day it is shipped back to Eco-Strip. The days of usage are calculated based on shipping records. A minimum usage fee of $105 is charged and after three days, an additional $35/day is charged. These fees are deducted from the refund. There are no charges for transit time.


Do not open or attempt to diagnose or repair an Eco-Strip product. To do so voids your warranty! If a product problem is identified, call Eco-Strip immediately at 888-850-8386

Problems (other than shipping damage or bulb breakage) occurring within one year of the purchase of the product may be considered under the Limited Warranty. Please be patient with us as we try to accurately diagnose the problem. We will ask: the date of your purchase; the product ordered; what problem occurred and when it happened. We may ask for photographs.

The following product problems are covered under the One Year Limited Warranty:

  • Damage which occurred during packing or shipping. These must be reported within two days of the customer receiving the order. Damaged products reported later may not be refundable or replaced.
  • Factory defects: If Eco-Strip diagnoses that a problem may be the result of a manufacturing process defect, a loaner or replacement will be sent by ground shipping free of charge. Do not discard the defective product. Return packing instructions and a pre-paid shipping label will be included in the box with the replacement product. Failure to return the defective product within 15 days of the RMA date will result in a request for payment of the replacement product. Returned products inspected, tested, and found to be in full working condition by Eco-Strip will not be considered defective, may be returned to the customer, or may only receive a partial refund as a used product.

Broken infrared bulbs and product misuse are not covered in our warranty. Eco-Strip is not responsible for the costs of labor or project delays resulting from defective products.

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