Grinding Kit


Most paint scraper blades are made of thin metal. Our scrapers are manufactured in Sweden with “spring steel.” This steel is harder, thicker, and resists chipping and bending. Our blades have beveled edges which allow our pull scrapers to thoroughly strip away soft paint in a few strokes.


Sharpening beveled-edged blades can be a challenge for DIY homeowners. Our Swedish manufacturer, Speedheater™Systems, solved the problem with their new Grinding Kit. The Grinding Kit has two     ceramic grinding cloths and a blade holder. Both the grinding cloths and the holder are durable and reusable. Scraper users especially like the portability of the Grinding Kit and the security of knowing they aren’t damaging the blade’s beveled edge. (See Full Description below for the Blade Sharpening Process.)

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Blade Sharpening Process:

The blade holder fits in the hole in the top side of a blade. With a steady downward pressure on the holder, move the back side of the blade in circles around the abrasive cloth. This circular motion instead of a back and forth motion sharpens all the blade’s edges evenly.

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