Speedheater™ Kits

With the Speedheater™ Infrared (IR) Paint Remover kits carried by Eco-Strip, you can get everything you need to get started with your paint removal and repainting or refinishing project.

Whether intended for residential or commercial use, the Standard Kit includes all the components you need to remove worn out paint from nearly any surface, including siding, windows and interior woodwork. The Kit includes two Scrapers – the straight-edged Clapboard Scraper and the curved-edged Profile. The very sharp, hard steel scrapers remove the softened paint quickly and efficiently.

We also offer a specialized Window Tools Kit to help with window restoration. With the Speedheater™ and these unique tools, it’s incredibly easy to soften and remove both paint and glazing putty. The three-piece set and the evenly-distributed infrared heat virtually eliminate people’s worst fear – breaking the glass. Softening the dry, hard putty makes its removal faster and with less damage to the wood.

For more information or expedited orders, contact us today at 703-476-6222.

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