Cobra Renovation Kit


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Meet our most comprehensive bundle yet, the Cobra Renovation Kit!

Curated for us by some of the best restoration specialists in the country, this collection includes:

1 Speedheater Cobra – Versatile, fast, and efficient for both interior and exterior paint removal, including windows, furniture, and other woodwork and joinery.

5 Scrapers – With a wide variety of surfaces to strip, you need this comprehensive selection of our most popular scrapers: the Window Tool Kit with a Boomerang Scraper, Chisel and Putty Scraper, and Clapboard Scraper for flat surfaces and Profile Scraper for curved surfaces.

1 Speedheater Storage Box  – a convenient and safe storage container for your Cobra, scrapers, and other tools

Pick up this Kit and head for your nasty paint-stripping job. You’ll have the high-quality tools you need to create the clean surface you want.




View the Full Safety and Instruction Manual Here:

SH™ Cobra Manual



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