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For new paint to adhere well for years and look high-quality, proper surface preparation is critical. If old paint layers are peeling and cracking, all the old paint should be removed down to the bare wood. Scraping off only the loose paint but leaving the intact paint layers on the surface increase the risk that the new paint fails in a year or so. Paint scrapers make a big difference in paint removal efficiency and effectiveness. Common paint scrapers have thin metal blades which are permanently attached to short handles. They are designed to have the blade catch under the edge of loose paint and to push off as much paint as possible – whether dry or wet from chemicals or heat treatments. Often, they are ineffective in scraping off all the layers of paint.

Speedheater™ scrapers are designed to pull off all the layers of softened paint down to  bare wood. The handles are long and ergonomic. Both hands on the handle give deeper and more even, pull strokes. The blades are made of thick, Swedish, spring steel and have beveled edges. Unlike thinner, softer blades, spring steel blades don’t   nick or crack when they hit a nail. Their sharp, beveled edges mean fewer strokes to get all the old paint off quickly. The blades of all Speedheater™ Scrapers can be removed and sharpened.

Another factor for paint scraper effectiveness is the variety and length of the blade’s curves or straight edges. The Essential Scrapers Bundle provides the 3 most common pull-type scrapers and blade edges needed for thorough and fast paint removal.

  • The Clapboard Scraper with 5 straight edges for flat surfaces
  • The Profile Scraper with 6 different concave and convex curves wider than 1” for paneled doors, trim, window sills
  • The Boomerang Scraper with two convex blade sides and one concave side for rounded edges, posts, shutters, detailed carving and narrow, rounded grooves.

Our customers – both DIYers and professionals – are amazed at how fast and how complete their paint stripping is using our Essential Scrapers with their Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Removers.


24693 Boomerang Scraper Length 13” including blade Width 2.5” blade Weight 9.3 oz.    Clapboard Scraper Length 13” including blade Width 2.5” blade Weight 9.3 oz.    Profiler Scraper Length 13” including blade Width 2.5” blade Weight 9.3 oz.

Replacement blades are available for all 3 scrapers.

Boomerang Scraper Replacement Blade
Clapboard Scraper Replacement Blade
Profile Scraper Replacement Blade

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 5 in

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