Furniture Restoration Bundle



The Furniture Restoration Bundle is a perfect set of tools for professional furniture restorers and serious hobbyists restoring garage and antique store treasures. 

The benefits are:

  • End hours of muscle fatigue from tedious sanding 
  • Eliminate caustic liquid chemicals and neutralizers soaking into the old wood 
  • No chemical fumes or messy waste 
  • Minimal dust to clear away and clean up
  • No drying time with bare wood immediately ready for staining or painting

Our Furniture Restoration Bundle is the answer for faster, cleaner, and safer paint and varnish stripping. Our Speedheater™ Cobra Infrared Paint Remover takes 3-5 seconds to release layers of old, dried varnish and paint from wood. The small 3” x 3” Cobra head easily directs the infrared rays towards tight spindles and corners. The beveled edges on the steel Boomerang Scraper blade strip all the softened paint or varnish down to the bare wood in just a few strokes. The unique curves and tips of this one Speedheater™ scraper combined with the Putty Scraper make simple and fast the removing multiple coatings from flat or detailed, carved wood and fancy curves. Our fitted Gloves protect your hands from the hot paint. Our Grinding Kit lets you sharpen the beveled edged blades right where you work. Less dust means less cleaning up. No neutralizing, rinsing, or drying time means fewer steps and faster results. Speedheater™ method’s stripped wood is immediately ready for resealing and recoating. Make the nasty job of furniture refinishing fast, clean and even fun. 



Speedheater™ Cobra

The Cobra is a revolutionary infrared paint remover. There is no other tool in the world that removes paint so fast and so thoroughly. Infrared rays are gentler on wood than chemicals and heat guns. A heat gun must be moved back and forth across a painted surface. With this movement of the blowing hot air, the paint is heated unevenly and more slowly. As a result, the risk of scorching the wood in one area while not heating the paint sufficiently in another area is greater than with the Cobra’s evenly distributed and focused heat.

View the Full Safety and Instruction Manual Here:

Speedheater™ Cobra Manual 

Boomerang Scraper

This scraper was designed specifically for stripping non-flat surfaces. The laser-cut, beveled-edged, steel blade of the Boomerang Scraper ensures thorough removal of paint and varnish in tight spaces and off irregular wood surfaces. The 1/2 inch-wide, bottom curve of the blade efficiently scrapes grooves less than 1” in diameter. The 1/8 inch, rounded blade tips of the Boomerang Scraper allow the scraper to fit in small indented and carved surfaces where longer, straight-edged blades cannot fit or might damage the delicate wood. In addition, this paint scraper has two convex sides and one concave side, making it the perfect choice for furniture with both flat and rounded surfaces such as spindles and legs. 

Putty Scraper

While mainly used for removing rock hard putty from old windows, the Putty Scraper also works well for stripping paint from flat surfaces and hard-to-reach corners. One end is a slanted, beveled edge; the other is a straight angle. The ergonomic handle and durable, laser-cut steel blade endure a firm and comfortable grip.

Grinding Kit 

Keeping scraper blades sharp is a necessity for consistent and fast paint scraping. The Swedish manufacturer of Eco-Strip products, Speedheater Systems, created the Grinding Kit specifically for sharpening their very sharp, beveled-edged scraper blades. The Kit has two ceramic grinding cloths and a blade holder. Both the grinding cloths and the holder are durable and reusable. Scraper users especially like the portability of the Grinding Kit and the security of knowing they aren’t damaging the blade’s critical, beveled edge.

Protective Gloves

Big, stiff leather, cloth, or rubber gloves can hamper the finger dexterity needed with scrapers. Picking up hot paint scrapings while using the Cobra Infrared Paint Remover can melt rubber gloves. Our snug, soft, goat-skin Protective Gloves safely deal with both of these risks. The cotton backs of the gloves breathe but tolerate the heat. Often other gloves’ fingertips wear out first. The thumb, index, and little fingers of our Protective Gloves are made of strong, full leather. 

Length 14” (includes handle)
Width 3.75” (of head)
Weight 22 oz. (1.3 lb)
Volts 120V
Watts 700W
Amps 5.8
Electrical Connection 1 phase standard grounded outlet.
Cord 16 gauge 3 wire, 8 feet long.
Switch ON/OFF
Dimensions of Heated Surface
Length 3.5”/92 mm
Width 2.8”/68 mm
Item Number 1-700-C
In accordance with European CE Standards EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-45
UL Listed? Yes
Boomerang Scraper
Length 12 3/4"  (includes Blade)
Width 2” (includes Blade)
Weight 8.3 oz. (0.53 lb)
Putty Scraper
Length 8 1/2"
Width 1.5”
Weight 2.5 oz. (0.53 lb)