Exterior Flexi Bundle


The exterior of your home shows your community how much you value the historic beauty of your old home. Repainting it can be a daunting job. If you want your new paint to last for years, do the surface preparation right. Strip off all the cracking, peeling, and rough-looking old paint down to the original, bare wood. Then your new paint job will look glorious. Our EXTERIOR FLEXI BUNDLE is the safest, fastest, and cleanest way to do the job. Included in this Bundle are: the Speedheater™1100 Kit with its Clapboard Scraper for regular, flat siding and the Profile Scraper for the wide curves of Dutch Lap or German siding; our 8-Cut Scraper with 8-blade edges and a round knob handle for deeper scraping strokes; and our Boomerang Scraper for detailed curves and grooves, and last but not least, THE FLEXI ARM, our hands-free attachment. It holds the 4 lb of the Speedheater™1100.

With this EXTERIOR FLEXI BUNDLE helping you, your newly painted home will be the star of your neighborhood. Use Speedheater™ high quality tools and get high-quality results.

NOTE:  Read our Return Policy. Opened FLEXI ARMS cannot be returned. Products opened are considered used as they cannot be resold at full value by Eco-Strip.



You have hundreds of square feet of wood siding to strip. You’re discouraged by the mess and high cost of chemical strippers. You’re worried about the dangers of creating toxic lead dust from sanding. You know power washing doesn’t do a thorough job and pushes water into the wood. What’s left to get all that nasty-looking old paint off? We have the specialty tools for you.


CURB APPEAL BUNDLE tools are also effective for stripping:

  • Flooring
  • Soffits
  • Porches
  • Window sills and door frames
  • Shutters: paneled and louvered
  • Columns
  • Siding