Flexi-Scraper Replacement Blades with Magazine


The Flexi-Scraper’s Blade Magazine conveniently and securely holds the 3 small, Swedish-made scraper blades for a total of 6 different scraper profiles. The set includes:

3 Scraper Blades small, 1-inch wide blades with various 1/4” – 1” curved or straight edges. These high-quality blades can be sharpened.

1 Blade Magazine attaches to the back of the holster and swings out for fast blade switching

The blades are specifically designed for the Flexi-Scraper, but they also attach perfectly to all of our other paint scraper handles.

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The Flexi-Scraper Replacement Blade Magazine features a convenient design and can be used on its own or attached to the holster for the Flexi-Scraper. The magazine is designed to attach behind the Flexi-Scraper holster and stay securely in place while you work. The blades detach quickly and easily with a little click from the magazine. The blade magazine makes it easy to keep track of your blades and store them safely and securely when you’re not using them.

The small blades offer 6 scraper profiles that make it easy to reach and work with different surfaces – perfect for scraping detailed surfaces requiring precision – window restoration, furniture, and detailed trim work. The blade attachment holes of these small blades are also compatible with Speedheater’s complete line of paint scrapers. The blades are Swedish-made using a unique steel composition that makes them incredibly durable and lets you sharpen them.

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