Speedheater™ Rapid Slim + Free Gloves



For a limited time, get free gloves when you purchase Your Speedheater™ Rapid Slim.

The Rapid Slim Kit is second to none when it comes to straight, narrow, and flat surfaces. It uses the infrared (IR) paint removal method to efficiently and safely remove old paint and varnish. The low heat eliminates toxic lead vapors. Scraping soft paint greatly reduces the lead paint dust released into the environment. The infrared rays effectively heat and loosen all the layers for clean scraping right down to the bare wood. The width of the heated surface using the Rapid Slim Kit is almost half that of the Speedheater Standard 1100 (2.75” vs. 4.8” ). So the Rapid Slim fits more easily into narrower, tighter spaces than the larger infrared heater.

The Rapid Slim (RS) works well on vertical siding, furniture, doors, cabinets, and large window sashes which don’t have smaller, divided glass panes. The Boomerang Scraper in the Kit thoroughly scrapes paint and varnish off both flat and curved surfaces. The RS quickly heats even rock-hard window glazing putty for smooth and precise removal with the Rolling Chisel and Putty Scraper in this Kit.

The Rapid Slim Kit includes a Support Bar which gives hands-free positioning of the infrared rays away from the window glass but facing the angled glazing putty. Both the low temperature and the directional infrared rays prevent the glass from breaking using the infrared method.

A convenient and safe storage container is part of this kit to hold your Rapid Slim infrared paint remover, scrapers, support bar and 3 tools. To double worker’s productivity on larger, vertical surfaces, one can purchase our other hands-free accessory, the pole-mounted Classic Arm.

Item Number: 3-9120-US



For a limited time, get free gloves when you purchase Your Speedheater™ Rapid Slim.

Complete Instruction and Safety Manual:

Complete Instruction and Safety Manual:

Speedheater™ RS Manual


Length 14″
Width 3″


8.5″ Including handle
Weight 4lb. 3 oz
Volts 110-120
Watts 1100
Amps 4.8
Cord 3 x 1.5 sq. mm rubber cord, 2.5-m long
Electrical Connection 1 Phase standard grounded outlet
Switch ON/OFF
Dimensions of Heated Surface 11.5″ x 2.5″
Item Number


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