Speedheater™ Window Restoration Bundle


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Why Restore?

You can seal up those old, drafty windows yourself. Restore don’t replace them.  Don’t let the deep-pocketed, Window Replacement companies pressure you to invest in their expensive, replacement windows. They say their expensive, new windows are the only way to improve the energy efficiency of window seals. Field studies compare window replacement to window restoration and prove this is not true!


Our Window Restoration Bundle is the way hundreds of professional window restoration craftspeople reseal old windows. Homeowners can learn quickly to do the same process with the same safe and efficient tools the pros use: the smaller Speedheater™ Cobra and our specialized Window Tools.

The Cobra efficiently heats a 3” x 3” painted or varnished area for stripping in less than 3-5 seconds. It also softens rock-hard window putty in less than 10-15 seconds. The risk of breaking valuable, old glass is extremely low, especially when it is shielded from the infrared rays. The Window Tool Kit is the perfect match with the Cobra for windows. It comes equipped with a Putty Scraper, Boomerang Scraper, and a Chisel with Roller. Our unique Chisel with Roller quickly takes off the softened putty without damaging adjacent wood. Our Putty Scraper removes the remaining putty and paint on and under the glass panes. The Boomerang Scraper works fast to clear painted surfaces, grooves, and tight corners.

Next Step?

Pull out your window sashes, temporarily cover the wall openings with plywood and/or plastic sheeting, and move your windows inside to restore them.  Get our Window Restoration Kit while the sale lasts. See video below under DESCRIPTION.



View the Full Safety and Instruction Manual Here:

SH™ Cobra Manual

6598 Boomerang Scraper Length 12 3/4″  (includes Blade) Width 2” (includes Blade) Weight 8.3 oz. (0.53 lb) Chisel with Roller Length 9 3/4″ Width 1.5” Weight 6.6 oz. Putty Scraper Length 8 1/2″ Width 1.5” Weight 2.5 oz. (0.53 lb) Speedheater™ Cobra Length 14” (includes handle) Width 3.75” (of head) Weight 22 oz. (1.3 lb) Volts 120V Watts 700W Amps 5.8 Electrical Connection 1 phase standard grounded outlet. Cord 16 gauge 3 wire, 8 feet long. Switch ON/OFF Dimensions of Heated Surface Length 3.5”/92 mm Width 2.8”/68 mm Item Number 1-700-C In accordance with European CE Standards EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-45 UL Listed? Yes


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 8 in

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