The Classic Arm

The Classic Arm

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The Classic Arm is one of our accessories which can be a major time and muscle saver using our Speedheater™1100. Holding the Speedheater™1100 for a long time can be tiring. The Classic Arm is a versatile, hands-free, articulating accessory which holds the Speedheater™1100 through a complete range of motion. Using it requires very little muscle power but promises quick rotation perfect for hard-to-reach painted areas such as soffits, ceilings, and angled surfaces. When the  Speedheater™1100 is securely attached to the Arm, accidental dropping is eliminated. This Arm is guaranteed to save you time and prevent back and neck strain associated with extensive paint removal projects. 


Productivity during paint removal from large areas is slow and labor intensive with any paint stripping method. The Classic Arm was invented by Speedheater Systems to double the productivity of the Speedheater™ Method when using the larger Speedheater™1100. Holding the 4 lb Speedheater™1100 manually for extended periods of time can cause worker arm and neck fatigue. With a one-person operation, the worker holds the tool against the surface until it is heated, sets the tool aside, quickly scrapes that surface, again picks up the Speedheater™ and repeats the process. Using a two-person operation, one worker’s job is to continuously hold the tool, heat a surface and then move the tool ahead to heat the next area; simultaneously, a second worker follows behind scraping the first heated area.

The Classic Arm doubles the Speedheater™1100’s efficiency regardless if one or two workers are used. While one worker uses both hands to scrape a heated area, the Classic Arm accessory, at the same time, holds the Speedheater™1100 hands free and heats the next area ahead. This totally eliminates both the tools down time and the need for a second worker. Labor hours are cut 50%. Another strong advantage of the Classic Arm is that by mechanically holding the tool for the worker, worker arm and neck fatigue are greatly reduced. In addition, using the Classic Arm extends the life of the Speedheater™1100 by preventing it from being dropped.


Exteriors: Siding, soffits, exterior large, tall windows and door frames

Interiors*:  Ceilings; high wood trim such as high interior windows, door frames and wainscoting; wood paneling

* Some customers have created their own free-standing bases for the Classic Arm to help with their interior paint stripping. These movable bases must be heavy enough to counterbalance the weight of the 4 lb. Speedheater™1100 and the fully-extended, 12 lb. Classic Arm.  For example, a 5-gallon bucket with the pipe secured in concrete works well.  Adding locking wheels to this base facilitates easy floor movement and stability of the hands free Classic Arm system. Stripping interior or porch ceilings or vertical stripping of wood paneling or high trim is faster and less labor intensive.

Item Number 3-981

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Shipping Weight 15 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 20 × 12 × 3 in

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  1. Marie

    This is perfect to use with my Speedheater! Gets the job done easily!

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