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How To Mount A Speedheater™ Classic Arm

By January 1, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments

Speedheater™ Classic Arm

When using the Classic Arm, it is acceptable to have the surface of siding not be completely stripped of absolutely every bit of paint….if it will be repainted. The surface should be cleared of loose paint. What remains is very tenacious paint, which after heating and scraping, is very unlikely to fail later.

After using the Speedheater™, the stripped surface is the perfect moisture content,  it will be smooth enough for immediate painting without sanding but has sufficient “tooth” for new paint to adhere properly and be long-lasting. Most paint for wood will not adhere well to surfaces which are too smooth and slick, like metal.

Another observation harder to see is the mounting of the Classic Arm to a pipe/pole. The pipe is 1 1/2  inches in diameter and sturdy metal to withstand  the tight clamping and unclamping of the bolt holding the Classic Arm at one level. The clamp bolt must be moved up and down the pole to change the horizontal height for the next row. The Classic Arm extends 5 feet on either side of the pole at one mounting. You can see this as the cleaned surface is on both sides of the pole at the same heights.  We recommend “top rail” poles from chain link fences as sturdy and easily cut to the size needed.  The size/length of the pole is determined by how high up in the building the stripping needs to be done.

It is difficult to see, but the two brackets which wrap around the pole, are screwed to the side of the building to stabilize the pole. With a 12+ lb Arm + 4.5 lb SH  when it is fully extended to 5 feet, there is quite a bit of torque which could bend a pole. This would make the SH bounce and not stay level and close to the painted surface.

Read the Product Description for more.