Stripping paint or varnish from irregular surfaces is challenging with straight-edged scrapers. Grooves and convex surfaces can be straight or curved; narrow or wide. The Speedheater™ Flexi-Scraper is ready for the challenge. It has 3 unique blades with many straight, rounded, concave and convex edges. The head tilts so you can scrape several different profiles without switching blades. A simple screw attaches the blade and makes changing blades fast. The short, soft-grip, ergonomic handle and the small blades make manipulating the blade edges simple. The laser-cut, Swedish spring steel, and bevel-edged blades won’t bend or nick like other thin, metal scraper blades do. The Flexi-Scraper blades can be resharpened to keep their edges sharp long after thinner blades have lost their effectiveness.

The variety of blades with the Flexi-Scraper are ideal for many paint stripping projects:

  • Moldings: baseboards, chair rails, crown, dentil, and others with curved and narrow-grooved designs
  • Stairs: handrails, newels and balusters – turned or block shapes
  • Other interior woodwork: ceiling medallions, paneled doors, window parts, mantels
  • Exterior architectural details: fluted columns, gables, brackets, corbels, cornices, gingerbreads, and other ornamental millwork
  • Furniture: spindles, rods, dowels, detailed relief and carved wood


The Flexi-Scraper comes with a clip-on holster to safely store your scraper with its blade attached.  

No more dental tools or cut spoons and hours of tediously picking away paint from carved, grooved, or beaded wood. Add this scraper to your tool box to fill out your full complement of scrapers for any paint stripping job.

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  • Professional quality paint removal scraper
  • Tilting scraper head for ease of use with multiple edge shapes on the same blade
  • 3 Swedish, spring steel, laser-cut blades with multiple narrow to wide curves and 1/4” – 1” straight edges
  • Clip-on holster with blade storage.


Exteriors:  Corbels, brackets, cornices, dentils, fluted columns, porch railings and spindles, paneled doors, carved and ornamental wood

Interiors: Crown, dentil and other raised, curved and narrow-grooved moldings; wainscoting; balusters; chair rails; stair handrails, spindles and treads; pilasters; paneled doors; window casings; mantels; and detailed, carved wood.

 Furniture: Chair rails and spindles; wood carvings; rods and dowels

Length 7.5"

Width:    1-inch wide blades with various 1/4” - 1/2” curved or straight edges


7 oz

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