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Enter our Paint Stripping Photo Contest

You Could Be The Lucky Cobra™ Winner! On our Facebook page, show us a paint removal project that you want to tackle or have been avoiding because it’s a hassle. We want to know which DIY project you need the Speedheater™ Cobra for. Examples of paint stripping projects: Window frames – paint and putty Fancy… Read more »

Environmentally Friendly Paint Removers

Years ago, the main way to remove paint was by using a fast-working chemical stripper called methylene chloride, which gave off harsh fumes and had a high VOC (volatile organic compounds) content. This compound could only be used in a properly-ventilated area because of its toxicity. In fact, the active ingredients in most common paint… Read more »

Eco-Strip Announces the Availability of the Speedheater™ Cobra

Speedheater Cobra

RESTON, VIRGINIA (PRWEB) JULY 25, 2017 Eco-Strip, LLC announced this week the availability of Speedheater™ System’s newest product, the Speedheater™ Cobra. Using 20-year-tested infrared technology, the Speedheater™ Cobra strips paint, varnish and adhesives. Infrared heat stripping with Speedheater™ products has been proven to be quicker, easier and safer than other paint stripping methods. Heat guns… Read more »

How to Paint a Room

A little paint can go a long way towards improving the look of your home. In fact, painting a room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give it a makeover. While it’s not necessary to hire a professional, painting a room takes more than just paint and a brush. A little knowledge… Read more »

Removing Paint From Old Windows

Did you know that the Speedheater™ Infrared System is the best way to remove paint from old window frames? Our specialized window tools kit makes it possible to restore old windows without breaking the glass! By combining our specialized tools with the evenly distributed infrared heat from Speedheater, it’s incredibly easy to soften and remove… Read more »

Benefits of Speedheater Infrared Paint Remover

The Only Way To Remove Paint And Varnish Speedheater is silent, saves time, is inexpensive to operate, and is gentle on the environment. Some of Speedheater’s benefits are outlined below. No environmentally hazardous chemicals Energy Efficient / Low operating temperature Speedheater is silent Gentle on wood No messy dust to clean up Prevents plumbic gasses… Read more »