• Childhood Lead Exposure Can Have Lasting Effects In Adults

    2017 April 19

    The Effects of Lead Exposure Lead exposure has been proven to affect a child’s test scores, memory, learning ability and fine motor skills. Lead exposure has also been linked to…

  • Speedheater Cobra

    Eco-Strip Announces the Availability of the Speedheater™ Cobra

    2017 July 25

    RESTON, VIRGINIA (PRWEB) JULY 25, 2017 Eco-Strip, LLC announced this week the availability of Speedheater™ System’s newest product, the Speedheater™ Cobra. Using 20-year-tested infrared technology, the Speedheater™ Cobra strips paint,…

  • how long do I have to wait to repaint after scraping old paint off?

    How Long Do I Wait After Scraping to Repaint?

    2018 August 06

    The short answer is: wait until the surface is clear, smooth, and dry. Before repainting, it’s important to make sure that wooden surfaces are properly prepared. This includes removing any…

  • How to Know if Your Home Has Lead Paint and How to Safely Remove It

    2018 November 05

    Lead paint poses a serious health risk to both people and animals. Ingesting paint chips or dust or inhaling the fumes from lead paint can cause lead poisoning. Lead poisoning…

  • Restoring Old House Removed Paint

    Tips for Restoring an Old House

    2019 February 25

    Restoring an old house takes a lot of time and skill. Homeowners often find hidden surprises during restoration. Unfortunately, these surprises usually end up costing more than anticipated. If you’ve…

  • lead paint removal with speeheater

    What Surfaces Does the Speedheater™ Work Best On?

    2018 May 31

    The Speedheater™  1100 and Speedheater™  Cobra use infrared heat to remove paint and varnish quickly and easily. Although these products can be used on a number of surfaces, they work…