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Removing Paint From Old Windows

Did you know that the Speedheater™ Infrared System is the best way to remove paint from old window frames? Our specialized window tools kit makes it possible to restore old windows without breaking the glass! By combining our specialized tools with the evenly distributed infrared heat from Speedheater, it’s incredibly easy to soften and remove… Read more »

Benefits of Speedheater Infrared Paint Remover

The Only Way To Remove Paint And Varnish Speedheater is silent, saves time, is inexpensive to operate, and is gentle on the environment. Some of Speedheater’s benefits are outlined below. No environmentally hazardous chemicals Energy Efficient / Low operating temperature Speedheater is silent Gentle on wood No messy dust to clean up Prevents plumbic gasses… Read more »

How to Strip Paint Down to the Bare Wood

In other posts, we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of several paint stripping methods and have talked about the benefits of using infrared heat to strip wood of paint. But how do you do it and how does paint stripping work exactly? First, it’s necessary to understand the aging of paint. The top layer of… Read more »