Category : Why Choose Speedheater™

  • Eco-Strip’s Speedheater™ Cobra chosen as one of this year’s Top 20 Best Tools honorees by This Old House Magazine

    2018 December 11

    The TOH Top 20 Best Tools of the Year list has debuted online at and will appear in the January/February issue of This Old House magazine, just in time…

  • Speedheater maintenance instructions

    Maintenance Tips for Speedheater™

    2019 August 02

    Speedheater™ products are manufactured in Sweden to their high standards of quality and safety. As with any highly-specialized technology, maintenance is required. Below are some tips. We also discuss the…

  • Other Uses for the Speedheater™

    2019 January 30

    The Speedheater™ removes paint and varnish quickly and easily from multiple surfaces. This product uses infrared heat to gently warm paint only to the point at which it can be…

  • STRIPPING PAINT OFF SIDING: Power Washing OR Infrared Paint Removers

    2022 March 25

    QUESTION: Why do we see so much power washing done on home exteriors for paint removal?  ANSWER:     It’s cheap and fast! Many contractors use power washers to pressure…