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  • Stripping Paint From Stairs with Speedheater Cobra

    5 Benefits of Infrared Heat Paint Stripping

    2017 January 25

     Removing thick layers of paint can be extremely challenging for homeowners, especially for those who have older homes. Before 1978, most of the paint used on homes was lead-based….

  • Benefits of Speedheater Infrared Paint Remover

    2017 March 20

    The Only Way To Remove Paint And Varnish Speedheater is silent, saves time, is inexpensive to operate, and is gentle on the environment. Some of Speedheater’s benefits are outlined below….

  • Environmentally Friendly Paint Removers

    2017 August 15

    Years ago, the main way to remove paint was by using a fast-working chemical stripper called methylene chloride, which gave off harsh fumes and had a high VOC (volatile organic…

  • How Does Infrared Work to Heat Paint?

    2018 December 20

    Infrared heat stripping is safer, more effective, and more environmentally-friendly than any other type of paint removal method. Infrared heat strippers, such as the Speedheater™ Standard 1100 and the Speedheater™…

  • How to Strip Paint Down to the Bare Wood

    2017 March 16

    In other posts, we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of several paint stripping methods and have talked about the benefits of using infrared heat to strip wood of paint. But…

  • How to Use an Infrared Paint Stripper

    2017 November 13

    Heat has been used for many years to strip paint. Infrared heat allows you to work faster than a standard heat gun, without working any harder. Infrared heat stripping is…

  • Infrared Paint Removal: Why Outsource When You Can DIY?

    2017 November 07

    If you want a good-looking, long-lasting new paint job on the outside of your home, your woodwork or even furniture, stripping off all the old paint is a must. But…

  • Risks of Chemical Paint Strippers

    Know the Risk: Paint Stripping Hazards and Safer Solutions

    2017 February 13

    Layers of paint often crack and flake. Bottom layers of paint often contain substances that are harmful to our health.  However, removing old paint can be extremely difficult and paint…

  • Paint Stripping Eco Strip

    The Pros and Cons of Paint Stripping Methods

    2017 January 24

    There are many methods of stripping paint from wood surfaces, and each has it’s own set of issues. When choosing a paint stripping method, it’s important to be mindful of…