• Paint removal for wood siding

    Siding Paint Stripping Using Speedheater™ Classic Arm

    2017 February 02

    The image above is a good shot of intact wood siding before and after stripping. You can see the Classic Arm articulating out holding the Speedheater™ in place.  Hands-free holding of…

  • How to Paint a Room

    How to Paint a Room

    2017 June 20

    A little paint can go a long way towards improving the look of your home. In fact, painting a room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give…

  • How to use Speedheater in Winter

    How to Restore Furniture with the Speedheater™ Cobra Paint Stripper

    2018 January 08

    Whether you are a DIY garage sale fanatic or professional furniture restorer, our Speedheater™ Cobra Infrared Paint Remover makes your hobby or job faster, cleaner and safer. If old, faded,…

  • How to remove varnish from boat

    How to Safely Remove Varnish From Your Boat

    2017 March 27

    Boats take a lot of work to keep in good condition. Over time, varnish on boats can begin to warp and wear away. When this happens, the varnish needs to…

  • Stripping Paint From Stairs with Speedheater Cobra

    How to Strip Paint From Stairs

    2018 August 28

    Prior to painting or varnishing, it’s important to remove all existing paint and to make all the necessary repairs. Doing so helps ensure a smooth, long-lasting finish. Removing paint from…

  • How to Uncover Trim Details That Have Been Disguised By Years of Thick Paint

    2019 September 12

    Older homes and furniture often feature intricate details and fascinating designs in the wood. Over time, multiple layers of thick paint fill in the grooves and carvings making the designs…

  • Paint Stripping

    Planning for Summer Paint Stripping Projects on Your Old Home

    2020 May 08

    Now that it’s warm, it’s time to get outside and begin those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all winter. Most of us need entertainment and activity during this…

  • STRIPPING PAINT OFF SIDING: Power Washing OR Infrared Paint Removers

    2022 March 25

    QUESTION: Why do we see so much power washing done on home exteriors for paint removal?  ANSWER:     It’s cheap and fast! Many contractors use power washers to pressure…

  • Speedheater Paint scrapers

    What Makes Speedheater™ Paint Scrapers Different?

    2019 June 14

    Without the right tools, surface preparation before repainting can take a lot of time and effort. So much so that many people skip this important step, paint on top of…

  • Why Paint Fails

    Why Paint Fails

    2019 August 21

    Over time, paint can crack, bubble, and peel. While this is common with older paint, it can also happen shortly after application of new paint. When this occurs, it causes…