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Childhood Lead Exposure Can Have Lasting Effects In Adults

By April 19, 2017August 24th, 20222 Comments

The Effects of Lead Exposure

Image Courtesy of EPA

Lead exposure has been proven to affect a child’s test scores, memory, learning ability and fine motor skills. Lead exposure has also been linked to behavioral issues in children such as hyperactivity and aggression.  In adults, chronic lead exposure can cause high blood pressure, joint pain as well as memory and concentration issues.

While scientists have already established that lead exposure during childhood harms the developing brain and nervous system, recent studies indicate that it could have long-lasting effects on adult brain function and social mobility. Neurological impacts can occur even with very low blood levels. Another lesser known fact is that lead poisoning can also cause sexual dysfunction in adults.

Where is Lead Found?

Lead is commonly found in old, peeling paint, contaminated soil and water that has passed through lead pipes. Millions of homes across the U.S. still contain lead paint. This paint continues to be the main source of lead exposure.

Safe, Easy Removal of Lead Paint

Many new architects don’t know how to handle historic restorations or about the potential hazards of lead poisoning. Older paint must be removed in such a way that it does not release toxic lead dust or fumes into the air.

Old lead paint is most dangerous when it is peeling, chipping or flaking. In older homes that have recently been painted, lead paint is probably hiding under one or more layers of paint. Simply painting over it does not protect you from danger. The older paint will still peel, causing all layers above it to peel and flake as well.

Many traditional methods of paint removal leave lead dust or chips in and around buildings. Dry sanding, scraping and using heat guns to remove paint release lead dust, fumes and chips into the environment. The safest way to remove lead paint is with Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Remover. Speedheater™ uses infrared rays to warm paint and wood for easy stripping. This method does not create fumes or dust. Pieces are removed in large sections, making cleanup a breeze!

For more information about safe removal of lead paint, please contact Eco-Strip.