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What Surfaces Does the Speedheater™ Work Best On?

By May 31, 2018August 24th, 2022No Comments

Winter Stripping Projects

The Speedheater™  1100 and Speedheater™  Cobra use infrared heat to remove paint and varnish quickly and easily. Although these products can be used on a number of surfaces, they work best when used on wood.

Removing Paint From Wood

The Speedheater™ uses infrared rays to warm paint just to the point at which it can be easily scraped away. Paint is removed in large pieces that can be easily disposed of. Dust, toxic fumes, and paint chips are almost completely eliminated.

The Speedheater™ draws moisture to the surface of wood, rejuvenating it. This creates the ideal surface for a fresh coat of paint. Since the Speedheater™  operates at a much lower temperature than a standard heat gun, there is minimal risk of fire.

Brick, Marble and Concrete Surfaces

Speedheater™  products are designed for removing paint from wood. These products work by heating paint and the surface behind it. Brick, marble, and concrete tend to dissipate this heat. Paint removal may take longer and require more effort on these surfaces. It’s a good idea to test a small section before attempting to remove paint from large areas.


Speedheater™  products can be used to remove paint from plaster. However, care must be taken not to damage the surface during scraping. Test on a small area before proceeding.


Many people have had success using Speedheater™  products to remove paint from the sides of fiberglass boats. It’s extremely important not to overexpose the surface as it can damage the gel coat.


Speedheater™  products can be used to remove oil-based paint from window bars and sheet steel roofs. These products should not be used to remove paint from thicker metal structures.

The Speedheater™  Standard and Speedheater™  Cobra can be used to remove both interior and exterior paint. These products are safer and more effective than any other paint removal method including chemical stripping and sanding.
If you’re unsure whether the Speedheater™  1100 or the Cobra is best for your project, check this previous blog. Speedheater™ Standard vs Cobra.

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