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How to Safely Remove Varnish From Your Boat

By March 27, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments

Remove Varnish From BoatsBoats take a lot of work to keep in good condition. Over time, varnish on boats can begin to warp and wear away. When this happens, the varnish needs to be properly removed so that a fresh coat can be applied. When it comes to replacing varnish, it’s important to keep in mind that the better the preparation, the better the end result.

Boat varnish experiences accelerated wear and tear

Varnish is used for the preservation and protection of wood. Varnish on boats is more subject to damage from environmental factors such as oxidation and water penetration. Oxidation causes varnish to become brittle and more prone to cracking and crazing. Water penetration causes cracking and de-lamination. When varnish is allowed to stay constantly wet, it blisters and separates from wood.

There are many methods of removing varnish

There are several methods of removing varnish including sanding, scraping, chemical stripping, traditional heat stripping and infrared heat stripping. Sanding and scraping is time consuming, messy and can damage wood. Chemical strippers should only be used as a last resort. This is by far the messiest and most potentially hazardous method of varnish removal.

One popular method for removing varnish includes the use of a heat gun and hook scraper. The biggest problem with this method is that the high heat can easily burn wood and cause varnish to vaporize, releasing dangerous and toxic fumes. The unique design and lower operating temperature of infrared heat paint strippers makes them the ideal choice for stripping paint and varnish from boats.

Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Remover is the best method for safe and easy varnish removal

Speedheater™ is able to effectively soften all layers of varnish in less than thirty seconds. Since Speedheater™ works at such a low temperature, it is much safer for use on wood. The convex blades that come with the Speedheater™ system make it easy to use on the rounded shape of most boats.

Speedheater™ is the safer, cleaner and gentler solution for stripping varnish from boats. Speedheater™ products reduce the risk of fire, toxic fumes, toxic chemicals, lead exposure and damage to wood. After use, waste can quickly and easily be collected and disposed of.

For more information about Speedheater™ products, please contact Eco-Strip today.