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Winter Stripping Projects

By November 29, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments

Winter Stripping Projects

Many of us stay inside during the cold months of winter. This forces us to focus our attention on the interior of our homes. When doing so, you will likely notice a few things that need attention. While you might believe that paint removal is not possible during the winter, nothing could be further from the truth. Getting indoor projects completed in the winter can be rewarding and ensures your home will be ready for spring and summer.

Safe and Easy Paint Removal

If you’ve been putting off indoor projects because you are concerned about the safety of removing paint or varnish, Speedheater™ can help! The Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Remover heats paint and varnish quickly and easily without the risk of toxic lead fumes, messy chemicals, or flying dust.

Winter Paint Stripping Projects

Paint can be removed at any time, regardless of the season. Although the Speedheater™ can be used both indoors and out, it’s best to stick with indoor projects during the winter. Why? Heating time will be much longer for the paint and wood in the cold weather. Heated paint cools faster and hardens more quickly in wind and cold air making its removal difficult. For best results, don’t try paint stripping using infrared or applying fresh paint in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the temperature of the surface you are painting, as it can be colder than the temperature of the air.

If you do start stripping paint on the outside of your house make sure that you are able to re-paint the surface immediately. Leaving bare wood exposed for weeks or months is not a good idea. The moisture in the air may soak into the bare wood. Moisture under paint is the most common reason for paint failure.

The Speedheater™ can help you accomplish a number of indoor improvement projects this winter. It quickly and easily removes paint and varnish from wood floors and trim, chair and stair rails, baseboards, door frames and doors. The Speedheater™ Cobra is perfect for refinishing smaller projects like windows and chairs. Strip the ugly paint off your cabinets and show their beautiful wood. Thinking of taking up that old tile floor in your kitchen and putting in other flooring? The Speedheater™ can soften the adhesive under linoleum flooring and make it easier to pull up.

Gentle Paint Removal

Speedheater™ infrared paint removal is the safest method for users and the gentlest method for wood. The Speedheater™ uses a very specific wave length of infrared rays to heat the paint only high enough to release it from the surface and make it bubble. Heating paint to this low level will not release toxic lead fumes. Immediately scraping soft paint creates clumps of paint waste and minimizes flying paint dust.

Infrared paint removal is the least damaging to the wood of any paint stripping method. The rays open the wood grain and bring the natural wood resin up to the surface. This rejuvenates old, dry wood. The infrared rays do not heat completely through the wood and under it like the blowing, hot air from a heat gun does. The risk of scorching the wood or creating a fire behind the wood is very low with an infrared paint stripper. We’ve all heard stories about beautiful, old houses being burned down by heat gun paint stripping. Not with the Speedheater™!

Speedheater™ products make winter paint stripping projects a breeze!

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