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Maintenance Tips for Speedheater™

By August 2, 2019February 9th, 2024No Comments
Speedheater maintenance instructions

Speedheater™ products are manufactured in Sweden to their high standards of quality and safety. As with any highly-specialized technology, maintenance is required. Below are some tips. We also discuss the steps involved with sending your Speedheater™ in for inspection and repair.

Do not open the Speedheater™1100 or Cobra to the internal wiring except to replace the bulbs!  Attempting to diagnose a problem by dissembling the machine or using non-Speedheater™ parts void the warranty, can damage the unique, heat-resistant parts, and can cause heat and electrical injury.

Power Supply Problems

If you switch the unit “ON” and nothing happens, you should suspect an issue with the power supply. Turn the unit “OFF” and test it in another power outlet. If this doesn’t correct the problem, check the cord for damage.

Getting the heating elements of the tools too close to the cord can melt the cord. Pulling the cord not the plug to unplug it will tear the cord and damage the wiring connections. All of these damages can create dangerous electrical problems.  Check the power cord and plug regularly for damage. Never attempt to repair the power cord or plug yourself. Contact Eco-Strip immediately for assistance.


The Speedheater™1100 has an automatic shut off feature. This helps prevent overheating the internal wiring and permanently damaging the tool. If the tool shuts off during operation, assume it has gotten too hot. Once the tool cools off completely, press the small “RESET” button located on the handle below the power cord.

Turn the Speedheater 1100 back “ON”. Try to discover why the unit overheated and change your process to prevent it from happening again. For example, never rest the Speedheater™1100 face down on concrete between heating applications. Rest the Speedheater™1100 upside down on its heat-resistant handle and facing the open air. If resetting the unit does not correct the problem, contact Eco-Strip immediately.

The Speedheater™Cobra does not have an overheat shut off feature. The heat created by the Cobra head is extremely concentrated. The speed of heating the paint to the temperature needed to release it from the wood is controlled by the operator and the distance from the surface. Have a water mister handy to mist bare wood to prevent scorching.  Do not set the operating Cobra head facing directly down on a surface. Between heating applications, turn it upside down on its support bar/stand facing the open air. When the unit is not being used, assure it is turned off, positioned on its stand facing the open air, and unplugged.

Dirty Bulbs and Reflector

Burned paint on the bulbs and on the metal reflectors can cause problems with the Speedheater’s ability to effectively heat paint and varnish. In addition, dirty bulbs can hide breaks in bulbs. (Read the next section below.) To ensure optimal performance, it’s crucial that you keep the reflectors on the sides of the bulbs and the bulbs themselves clean. However, you need to be very careful not to crack the bulbs. Let the Speedheater™1100 or the Cobra completely cool. Wear gloves. For the access for cleaning the Speedheater™1100, the wire grid must be removed. The Cobra’s bulb module and reflectors in the head are accessible for cleaning. Do not use scrapers or anything sharp to remove debris inside the tools. It is recommended that steel wool or abrasive dish scrubbers made out of plastic or copper be used to scrub away the burned on debris and oil on the metal reflectors on the sides of the bulbs. Use Mineral Spirits on a microcloth to wipe the major debris off the bulbs. Use a soft brush to clear the dust from inside the Speedheater™. Do not try to clean under the bulbs; this risks breaking them.

Broken Bulbs

The fragile metal coils inside the bulbs are the most critical components of the Speedheater™. The bulbs emit infrared rays and are responsible for heating the paint. If you drop or bump the machine, immediately turn it off and let it totally cool down. Then check the bulbs for hairline cracks or further damage.  Do not operate any Speedheater™ with one cracked or broken bulb. With even a hairline crack, it’s a matter of time before the glass and fragile inner coil break.

If you see a crack in one bulb, stop operating any Speedheater™, let it completely cool down, and replace the bulb in the Speedheater™1100 or the module of 6 bulbs in the Cobra. If your Speedheater™1100 has had extensive use, change both bulbs at the same time. Keep the non-broken bulb you removed as a temporary back up if you break another bulb. You can purchase a pair of Replacement bulbs for the Speedheater™ 1100 and the bulb modules for Speedheater™ Cobra from Eco-Strip at Infrared bulbs manufactured by companies other than Speedheater™ may not be compatible with Speedheater™1100. Their installation risks damaging the Speedheater™1100 and automatically voids its warranty.

Speedheater™ Repair Center

Do not attempt to diagnose or fix the Speedheater™ yourself. Only the Speedheater™ Repair Center is authorized to perform repairs. Any disassembly or repairs you or an electrician attempt to perform on the Speedheater™ void your warranty and can be dangerous.

If the tips listed above do not correct the problem with your Speedheater™, you may need to send your Speedheater™ to our Repair Center. Please contact our office at 888-850-8386 or through  You will be asked to send photos of your unit to us. Our team will help you determine the cause of the problem. Problems with the Speedheater™ that occur within one year of purchase, except those from misuse or broken bulbs, might be covered under our Limited Warranty. Please call Eco-Strip immediately to discuss your options. Have your name, date of purchase, product purchased, and description of the problem ready when you call. We ask for your patience while we assess the situation.

When you call Eco-Strip, we will give you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number based on the type of issue you are experiencing. Our team will do our best to answer your request in a timely and efficient manner. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the operation of your Speedheater™ product or our Return Policy.