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Why Choose Speedheater™

Other Uses for the Speedheater™

By January 30, 2019August 24th, 2022No Comments

Algae on cement

The Speedheater™ removes paint and varnish quickly and easily from multiple surfaces. This product uses infrared heat to gently warm paint only to the point at which it can be easily scraped away. This method is better for the environment, safer, and easier to use than any other paint removal product available today.

What many people do not realize is that there are several other uses for the Speedheater™ as well. Homeowners and contractors can use this versatile product for a number of residential and commercial projects.

Stopping the Spread of Algae, Mold, and Fungus on Cement and Wood

Algae, mold, and fungus can create a lot of problems for buildings and structures. In addition to their unsightly appearance, these organisms can spread quickly. Although algae poses no threat to humans, mold and fungus can damage wood and cause health problems for those exposed.

The Speedheater™ delivers just enough heat to targeted areas to effectively dry and kill algae, mold, and fungus on both cement and wood. This stops them from spreading and simplifies removal.

Killing Weeds Between Bricks and Stones

Weeds can appear in the most unlikely places. No matter how diligent you are about clearing weeds from your garden, you’ll likely still have to deal with them between bricks and stones. Most people find it difficult to remove weeds from these areas.

Applying heat can kill the entire weed including the roots. This is important if you want to prevent them from returning. Many people use boiling water to kill weeds. However, this method can kill other plants in the area as well. Boiling water can spread through the soil, affecting the roots of other plants. It can also splash on other plants and create a safety hazard for users and other people in the area.

Using the Speedheater™ allows you to target heat directly on the weed itself, and not the area around it. This makes it possible to kill weeds quickly, without harming other plant life.

Remove Moisture from Concrete and Wood

Periods of high humidity and floods can cause excessive moisture in wood and concrete. If not dealt with swiftly, this moisture can lead to the development of mold or mildew, creating a health risk for those exposed. Mold and mildew spreads quickly, causing significant damage to buildings and structures.

The Speedheater™ removes moisture from wood and concrete quickly and efficiently. When used correctly, it applies just enough heat to dry the area without scorching wood or damaging the surface.

Additional Uses

In addition to the uses listed above, the Speedheater™ is also useful for heating and bending Plexiglas, shrinking plastic wrap, hardening plastic and lacquer on wooden boats, stripping metal gutters and corrugated metal roofing, unlocking rusted metal fittings, drying paint and glazing, and softening epoxy bonds in wood joints and drips.

The Speedheater™ is a versatile product, used for numerous commercial and residential projects. Please contact us for information about the Speedheater™ Standard 1100 and the Speedheater™ Cobra.™™