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Check Out Eco-Strip’s New Speedheater™ Paint Stripping Products

By April 29, 2019August 24th, 2022No Comments

Speedheater™ infrared paint removal products make simple work of stripping paint and varnish. These revolutionary products make it possible for homeowners and contractors to remove paint quickly and easily without the mess or dangers typically associated with traditional paint stripping methods like chemicals, sanding, and heat guns.

The Speedheater™ Standard 1100 and Speedheater™ Cobra gently warm and release existing paint making it easy to scrape away. Paint comes off in large, soft pieces reducing paint chips and dust usually released into the environment. The soft paint waste is easier to collect and dispose of. The type of scraper used also determines how easily paint scrapes away. Our pull scrapers are more efficient than push scrapers such as putty and drywall scrapers. Most scrapers are made from metal or plastic which can crack, chip or bend when hitting nails and screws. Uneven scraper edges make more scraping strokes necessary. In addition, uneven blade edges can damage the surface beneath the paint. It’s important to avoid this damage especially when stripping older and historic buildings and intricate details.

Speedheater™ uses spring steel to create their high-quality, beveled-edge blades. Spring steel is harder and thicker and resists chipping and bending better than thinner metals or even hardened steel. Spring steel creates a more durable and efficient paint scraping blade.

8-Cut Scraper

We are pleased to add Speedheater’s™ new 8-Cut Scraper to our line of paint stripping products. Like Speedheater’s™ other paint scrapers, the 8-Cut Scraper blades are constructed from spring steel and have beveled edges. These beveled edges ensure full removal of existing paint in just a few strokes. This blade has eight cutting edges. When one edge gets dull, you can simply rotate the blade to another edge. When all four edges on one side of the blade get dull, flipping the blade to its other side provides 4 more cutting edges. Sharpening the two flat sides of one blade takes significantly less time than sharpening several different blades to get 8 cutting edges. The 8-Cut Scraper’s easy-grip knob and long, ergonomic handle allow users to apply more pressure to remove stubborn and dry paint. For safety reasons, we do not recommend any dry scraping be done on pre-1978, toxic, lead-based paint.




Grinding Kit

Regular blade sharpening ensures paint scrapers continue to work at optimal efficiency. Because of their unique design of beveled-edges, Speedheater™ blades can be more difficult for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) homeowers to sharpen. DIYers usually don’t have wet grinding wheels or metal hand files that professionals use. Speedheater’s™ new Grinding Kit helps solve this problem.

The Grinding Kit includes two ceramic grinding cloths and a blade holder. To protect fingers during sharpening and to assure the blade surface stays in a level and secure position, the blade holder fits in the hole in the top side of the blade.

By applying pressure on the blade and moving it in a circular motion around the grinding cloth, all edges of the blade are sharpened evenly without removing the beveled edge. The cloths and holder are light, easy to transport, and durable – all benefits DIYers need.

Protective Gloves

Work gloves help protect hands during home improvement projects. This is especially important when working with heat, sharp scrapers, and toxic lead-based paint. Most work gloves provide adequate protection, but they can be bulky, stiff, and hot. Synthetic gloves can melt and then burn the user. Tighter, thinner gloves can provide better finger dexterity, but most styles are cloth and wear out quickly.

Speedheater’s™ new Protective Gloves are comfortable and safe. The tighter fit of the soft leather and the elastic wrist band provides excellent finger dexterity. The palm, thumb, index and little finger are reinforced with leather to ensure strength and durability. Compared to heavier, full-leather gloves, the cloth uppers of Speedheater’s™ Protective Gloves provide good breathability when working with heat. These gloves are so comfortable they might become your go-to hand protection for all your home projects.

Please contact us for more information about Speedheater™ products.