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Go Hands Free With Your Speedheater™1100

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Speedheater™ Infrared Paint Removers

If you are a fan of Infrared Paint Removers, then you probably know all about the UL-listed Speedheater™ 1100 for large paint removal projects. It is a great option for quick, safe, and easy paint stripping from both horizontal and vertical surfaces – especially exterior siding, doors, and trim. But, did you know that you can use it “hands free”?

The Speedheater™ 1100, like most other electric, hand tools, is a bit heavy and can take a toll on your body. But don’t worry! Eco-Strip has a few solutions to lighten the load!

Speedheater™ Accessories

Did you know that Eco-Strip has a full line of accessories for your Speedheater™1100 Infrared Paint Remover to make the paint stripping process faster and more efficient? With a variety of paint scrapers and window restoration tools, Eco-Strip has you covered. But there are TWO Speedheater™ accessories that really stand out from the others. They are the Speedheater™ Classic Arm and the InfraRed Rack Kit™. Both are great time-savers for your big paint stripping project!

Go Hands Free With Your Speedheater™ 1100

For paint stripping on horizonal surfaces, you can position the Speedheater™1100 infrared paint stripper directly on the work surface without having to hold it by hand. Doors and windows placed flat on sawhorses or on a work table are examples of this application.

But for larger jobs like paint stripping on long runs of exterior siding or soffits, it’s a given that you will be holding your Speedheater™ 1100 by hand for longer durations. With these jobs, you’ll definitely notice some arm and neck fatigue over these prolonged periods of vertical or overhead use. But we have solutions to make your job a lot less wearing!

Save your arms and go Hands Free! Eco-Strip offers TWO accessories that allow you to use the Speedheater™1100 “Hands Free”: The Classic Arm & the InfraRed Rack Kit™.

Both of these two hands-free accessories:

  • Hold the Speedheater™ 1100 “hands free” while heating the painted surface.
  • Allow use of both hands on a scraper to focus on fast and thorough scraping of the soft, heated paint.
  • Double your efficiency using the Speedheater™ 1100. No more down time wasted between heating a surface, setting the paint remover down, quickly scraping, then picking it up again to heat the next area.
  • Eliminate the possibility of dropping the Speedheater™ 1100.

Hands Free Operation: The Classic Arm manufactured by Speedheater™ Systems in Sweden.

This versatile, hands-free articulating Classic Arm makes using our Speedheater™ 1100 faster and more stable. By having the Speedheater™ 1100 attached to the end of the Classic Arm, it can be positioned through a complete 360° range of motion. This promises easy rotation which is perfect for hard-to-reach surfaces such as soffitsceilings, and angled surfaces. In addition, the attachment of the Speedheater™ 1100 to the Classic Arm eliminates the possibility of dropping it. Using the Arm requires very little muscle power. The Classic Arm is guaranteed to save you time and reduce back, neck, and arm strain associated with extensive paint removal projects.


  • PRICE:  $299.00 (Length-customized pole not included.)
  • Parts Included: metal base bracket, steel articulating arm, and 2 mounting brackets.
  • Local Purchase: one 1.5” diameter pole or pipe, customer-cut for the selected work height; or a scaffolding with round piping.
  • Work area covered per pole mounting: 5-foot reach on either side of the pole; full 10-foot coverage left to rightSliding the Classic Arm and its clamp up and down the pole provides full-height reach from the bottom of the pole to the top.
  • Horizontal and vertical tool positioning: Positioning of the Speedheater™1100 on the end of the Arm gives a full 360° rotation; quick change to horizontal, vertical and angled positioning of the Speedheater™ 1100 on the painted surface
  • Interior or exterior use – siding, trim, angled surfaces, soffits, and ceilings
  • Prevents the Speedheater™1100 from accidentally being dropped
  • Some assembly required.
  • More Info: Read our blog – How to Mount a Speedheater™ Classic Arm

Best Applications

  • Exterior use – siding, trim, angled surfaces, soffits and in-place windows
  • Interior use – ceilings, crown molding, wainscoting, paneling, walls, high window and door trim (movable stand not included)

Hands Free Operation: The InfraRed Rack Kit™ manufactured by My Old House Fix

The second hands-free accessory to hold the Speedheater™ 1100 is the new InfraRed Rack Kit™The Rack Kit is designed for very fast movement and repositioning of the mounted Speedheater™ 1100 across long stretches of vertical surfaces such as walls, siding, trim, paneling and wainscoting.

There are two major components of the InfraRed Rack Kit™:

1) InfraRed Rack Assembly™ – a special, all steel, custom-made, quick-adjusting bracket assembly that holds our Speedheater™ 1100 stably and allows very fast, unlimited* vertical adjustments up and down a rod (* just add more Rod sections).

2)  InfraRed Rail System™ Data – a special Rail System that holds the InfraRed Rack Assembly and allows very fast, unlimited* horizontal adjustments (* just add more Rail sections). Nearly total work area access/coverage from ONE, initial setup! Purchase the Rail System parts online/locally, based on the technical data and quick, online shopping list/links provided with InfraRed Rack Kit™ purchase. A parts Manual, Operator/Setup Manual, and video tutorials are also provided to demonstrate each easy step of assembly and operation.

In addition, multiple Speedheater™1100s (with additional roller, rod/coupler and InfraRed Rack bracket) can be used on one Rail System. This allows several workers to strip the same painted area side-by-side and simultaneously.

Strip a large area very fast with only ONE mounting of the InfraRed Rail System and InfraRed Rack Assembly. There is no need to unscrew and remount brackets and a pole every 10 feet.


  • PRICE: $139.00, plus online/local purchase (~$85-$95) – local prices vary.
  • Included: InfraRed Rack Assembly – quick-release, custom-mount assembly to hold the Speedheater™1100 stably on a customer-purchased rod. Full Kit Assembly, Operation, and Setup Manuals; step-by-step video tutorials and paint stripping demonstration
  • Local Purchase: InfraRed Rail System parts (rail, mounts, rod, roller)
  • Work area per setup: nearly unlimited reach – horizontally and vertically from initial setup. Lengthy parts are fully customizable.
  • Multiple Speedheater™1100s can be used on one Rail System. Each one requires an additional roller, vertical rod/coupler, and an InfraRed Rack Bracket.
  • Horizontal tool positioning (no vertical)
  • Interior or exterior use – siding, trim, angled surfaces
  • Prevents the Speedheater™1100 from accidentally being dropped
  • Magnetic scraper “caddy”
  • Some assembly required
  • More Info: The InfraRed Rack Kit

Best Applications

  • Exterior use – large vertical surfaces such as siding, trim, and angled surfaces
  • Interior use – large vertical surfaces such as wide walls, paneling, and wainscoting where the Rail can be top-mounted


Both Eco-Strip hands free accessories double the productivity of your Speedheater™ 1100 Infrared Paint Remover. Each significantly reduces the strain on your body. Both hold the tool stably to prevent it from being dropped.

Each has its own best applications:

Consider the size of your project and what painted surfaces you will be stripping. Eco-Strip’s Hands Free accessories for our Speedheater™ 1100 Infrared Paint Remover can be your answer to the challenges you face.

The SpeedheaterTM  System tools are safe and gentle on wood with a low risk of fire and minimal dust. Using the SpeedheaterTM System, stripping paint from doors, porches, windows, shutters, siding, garages and sheds requires less set up time and less cleanup time than any other paint removal method.

Let SpeedheaterTM tools help with your paint stripping projects! Please contact us for more information about SpeedheaterTM products.

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