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How to Use an Infrared Paint Stripper

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How to Use an Infrared Paint Stripper

Heat has been used for many years to strip paint. Infrared heat allows you to work faster than a standard heat gun, without working any harder. Infrared heat stripping is quick and easy with Speedheater™ products. These innovative paint strippers work by gently heating paint to the point at which it can be safely removed. Speedheater™ products draw the natural wood resins back to the wood’s surface, effectively rejuvenating it.

Speedheater™ Products Are Safe and Easy to Use

Heat guns operating at 800-1100F degrees heat paint to these levels. Lead paint gives off invisible fumes when heated around 900F degrees. Once lead paint turns to fumes, special organic vapor face masks must be worn to protect workers. In addition, using blowing heat on painted surfaces greatly increases the risk of often-undetected fire behind the wood surface being stripped. Infrared rays heat paint in a different way and do not heat whatever is behind the wood. This minimizes the risk of fire.

Using Speedheater™ Paint Strippers

Speedheater™ products are incredibly easy to use. Once turned on and warmed up, the Speedheater™ can be held just a few inches from the paint. The paint will begin to bubble and smoke. The Speedheater™ should then be removed, and the paint simply scraped away. A pull scraper works best for removing paint, as it will not mar the wood.

The Speedheater™ Cobra is small enough to be used with just one hand. This allows you to reach more areas and hold a scraper in your other hand while working. The original Speedheater™ is larger and works well on bigger areas such as windows, doors and siding.

It’s a good idea to work in small sections until all of the paint is removed. Reheating sections that have just been heated can cause the wood to burn. You will need to work quickly so that you do not scorch the wood or paint. It only takes two to three seconds to heat paint with the Speedheater™ Cobra and twenty to thirty seconds with the original Speedheater™.

When removing paint from pieces that are not attached to a building or other object, it’s a good idea to clamp them down. This ensures that your piece won’t move around while you’re working on it.

Whenever you stop working with your Speedheater™, it’s important to set it down with the heating element facing up. This will prevent it from burning the surface it’s placed on.

Infrared Heat Stripping with Speedheater™ Products

Speedheater™ products remove paint, varnish and adhesives quickly and easily. Paint is removed in large pieces that can be easily disposed of. Please contact us for more information about Speedheater™ products.