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5 Benefits of Infrared Heat Paint Stripping

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Removing thick layers of paint can be extremely challenging for homeowners, especially for those who have older homes. Before 1978, most of the paint used on homes was lead-based. Fumes, dust, chips and waste from lead-based paint can cause serious health problems if not collected and disposed of completely.

Traditional paint removal methods include the use of heat guns, heat plates, sanding, shaving, harsh chemicals and pressure washing. These methods are all very labor intensive and vary widely in terms of effectiveness, cost and safety.

Infrared heat paint stripping is your best choice for safe and environmentally friendly paint removal.

Infrared heat stripping uses mid-range infrared rays to heat both the paint and slightly into the wood at a lower temperature. This allows for quick, easy and thorough paint removal. This type of paint stripping has many benefits.

Less Mess

Special infrared heat technology allows paint to be heated only to the point at which it bubbles and the bottom layer separates from the wood. The soft paint can be scraped off easily, leaving you with dry and easily-disposable paint waste. Since the paint is soft and clumping when you scrape it, very little paint dust is created. Set up and cleanup to contain paint waste is easier than trying to catch flying dust, messy liquid strippers, or water with paint chips.

Better for Wood

Infrared heat effectively opens the grain of wood without damaging it. Moisture is drawn out of the wood. Mildew and fungus are killed. The infrared rays bring the natural wood resin to the surface and rejuvenate the wood. The lower temperature of the rays greatly reduces the risk of scorching the wood. Scraping the wood and paint with very sharp, pull-type scrapers is gentler than with traditional, often dull, push-type scrapers like putty knives.

Safer for Users and the Environment

Many methods of paint removal pose serious health risks to users, building occupants, and the surrounding area. High heat guns operating at 1000 degrees F. release toxic, lead fumes. The risk of fire on the surface or behind it is great. Most liquid strippers are harsh, caustic chemicals and can also release toxic fumes. With the Speedheater™, protecting the soil and air around the area from contamination is more thorough. The clumps of paint waste drop on to plastic sheeting below which makes cleanup a breeze.

Less Time and Effort

The paint is softened in less than a minute. In just one heat application and with just a few scraper strokes, the surface is clean down to the bare wood. There are no extra steps and more time for sanding, rinsing or drying. These are big energy and time savers.

Paint Immediately

One of the strongest benefits of infrared heat stripping is that you can paint as soon as the paint or varnish is removed. The wood has the perfect moisture content and surface texture for strong adhesion of new paint – no waiting!

For more information about Eco-Strip’s Speedheater™ products, please contact us today.

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