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Exterior Wood Siding Paint Stripping

By February 2, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments

Paint removal for wood siding

The image above is a good shot of intact wood siding before and after stripping. You can see the Classic Arm articulating out holding the Speedheater™ in place.  Hands-free holding of Speedheater™ allows it to move ahead to heat next area while previously heated area is stripped.

Exterior Wood Siding Paint Stripping Made Easy With The Classic Arm

This Classic Arm is designed for users conducting exterior wood siding and/or interior paint removal. The Classic Arm allows the Speedheater™ user to maximize efficiency by allowing the Speedheater™ to heat the second painted area, while the first heated area is being stripped. This accessory speeds up the work to more than double.

Some of our Speedheater™ customers have created their own free-standing bases for the poles when they do interior work. These bases are heavy enough to counterbalance the weight of the fully-extended Arm. Others have even added locking wheels to their base to facilitate moving their device around on a floor.

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