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Benefits of Speedheater Infrared Paint Remover

By March 20, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments

The Only Way To Remove Paint And Varnish

Speedheater is silent, saves time, is inexpensive to operate, and is gentle on the environment. Some of Speedheater’s benefits are outlined below.

  • No environmentally hazardous chemicals
  • Energy Efficient / Low operating temperature
  • Speedheater is silent
  • Gentle on wood
  • No messy dust to clean up
  • Prevents plumbic gasses from being released
  • Easy clean up
  • Paint immediately after paint removal
  • Neutralizes mildew and fungus
  • Low set-up cost
  • Softens paint and putty immediately
  • Fastest paint removal method
  • Scrape and heat at the same time
  • No other paint removal method is able to achieve clean bare wood after paint stripping.

Speedheater System was formed in 1985 with contract work on house exterior renovation as its primary activity. Since 1991, the company has worked on developing, manufacturing and selling technology for the removal of paint from wooden surfaces using infrared heat.

Speedheater System’s business concept is to provide the market, for both building professionals and “do-it-yourselves”, with products and expertise on paint stripping that are cost effective, easy to implement and environmentally friendly and which produce high-quality results. Many years of experience have given the company unique insights into the area, insights that have been turned into new products.

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