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Infrared Paint Removal: Why Outsource When You Can DIY?

By November 7, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments

Infrared Paint Removal: Why Outsource When You Can DIY?

If you want a good-looking, long-lasting new paint job on the outside of your home, your woodwork or even furniture, stripping off all the old paint is a must. But it is the most time-consuming and painful portion of painting. In fact, many people skip the stripping and just paint over old, uneven paint, or hire someone else to do it for them. But what if you had a way to remove paint that was clean, easy, and non-toxic?

Most paint stripping systems have a downside. Abrasive methods like power sanding and shaving are effective on flat siding, if you are skilled and can handle holding them vertically for hours. But they spread lots of dust, which can be laden with lead. High heat stripping methods have a high risk of fire. Chemical strippers can be toxic and give off horrible fumes. Most environmentally-friendly chemical strippers are slower and may take many applications.

Removing paint with infrared heat, using the Speedheater™ Standard or Cobra, is the best alternative for paint stripping! It’s quick, since it only takes 20-30 seconds of infrared exposure to soften paint. The Speedheater™ infrared rays soften paint by heating it to 400° – 600° F. Most heat guns heat paint to over 1000°F! Lead begins to vaporize into toxic gas above 1100°F. When the Speedheater™ is used properly, no lead gas is emitted, the risk of fire is low, and minimal lead dust is created.

DIYers who are thinking of hiring someone for their paint stripping because of lead paint concerns can easily use Speedheater™ themselves. When the paint is soft and scraped, lead dust is not generated. The paint scrapings clump together and drop onto a tarp, which makes clean up much easier, faster and safer!

For DIYers with large areas to strip, adding the Speedheater™ Arm makes paint stripping even faster! The arm holds the Speedheater™ Standard, so that you can heat one area ahead of you while scraping the already-heated area. How’s that for efficient use of a tool?

The Speedheater™ System is the perfect set-up for a DIYer who wants to tackle a large painting project but has been putting it off because of the hassle of paint stripping.