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Removing Paint From Old Windows

By May 9, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments
Removing Paint From Old Windows

Speedheater in action!

Did you know that the Speedheater™ Infrared System is the best way to remove paint from old window frames? Our specialized window tools kit makes it possible to restore old windows without breaking the glass! By combining our specialized tools with the evenly distributed infrared heat from Speedheater, it’s incredibly easy to soften and remove both paint and glazing putty from your older windows.

The Challenge With Older Windows

The challenge with older windows is that too often, their original putty seals have hardened, cracked, and even disappeared. Additionally, the paint remaining on the window frames is peeling and messy. So how do you restore older windows to their former beauty? Strip it all away and put on fresh putty and paint.  Doing this task for dozens of windows in an older home can be daunting, but the Speedheater™ makes it go faster.

DIYers Become Pros

Traditionally, the rock hard putty that remains is chiseled off the fragile wood around the frame. No matter how careful and skilled someone is, the pressure needed to chip off the glazing can gouge the fragile wood and break the glass. More experienced window restorers use high heat guns and take great pride in keeping glass breakage to a miminum. The great thing about our Speedheater™ system is that with Speedheater’s infrared rays and customized window tools, even DIYers become pros at this delicate job.

The Speedheater™ Tools

How do our tools work on old windows? Use the Speedheater™ to soften the putty. Since the heat is low and evenly distributed, there is little risk of breaking the glass. Once the putty is softened, the Chisel Tool can be used with minimal pressure to smoothly strip away the putty. Next, our Putty Scraper is used to easily remove the remaining, softened putty from the glass surfaces and corners, thanks to its slanted and bevel-edged end. The glass can now be taken out gently without breaking. Using the bent end of the Putty Scraper, the bed under the glass can be thoroughly cleaned out. Finally, the Boomerang Scraper can be used to remove paint from the frame, after 60 seconds of heating the paint with the Speedheater™.

Now you’re ready to apply new glazing, new paint, and new weatherstripping, making your old windows new again!