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Window Restoration Using Speedheater™ And Window Tools

By March 31, 2017August 24th, 2022No Comments

Are You Frustrated With Your Old Windows But Afraid To Fix Them? 

Your old windows are drafty, but you already know that. Over the course of time, the original putty seals have cracked due to temperature fluctuations and in some cases even disappeared this creating a draft that can drive up your heating and cooling bill. To compound matters, the paint on your windows are badly weathered and peeling which is an eye sore. So what is a homeowner to do?  It is time to restore your old windows and give them a makeover.
Window Restoration Tool

Accomplishing this task for dozens of windows can be daunting task, but using the Speedheater™ and it’s toolkit makes it go cleaner and faster.  No other tool or method removes paint as effectively. No matter how careful and skilled someone is, the pressure needed to chip off the glazing can gouge the fragile wood and break the glass. The more experienced window restorers use heat guns and pride themselves in keeping those glass breakage. Our Speedheater™’s infrared rays and window tools help even DIYers become pros at this delicate job.

Speedheater Boomerang Scraper

Using low heat, the Speedheater™ infrared rays soften the window’s hardened putty with little risk of breaking the glass.  Using minimal pressure, our Chisel smoothly strips the putty away as it rolls evenly down the wood.

Window Restoration Putty Scraper

<p”>The Speedheater™  putty scraper’s slanted and bevel-edged end easily removes the remaining, softened putty from the glass surfaces and corners. The glass can now be taken out gently without breaking. Next, the bent end of the Putty Scraper thoroughly cleans out the bed under the glass.

By applying new glazing material into the bed and around and over the glass pane, a tight seal is created.  Add good paint and some permanent weatherstripping and your drafts are history! Now, we’re talking energy-efficiency.

Speedheater™  tools and scrapers

The Speedheater™  tools and scrapers are developed to be used with a Speedheater™ to effectively remove paint without damaging the wood. The blades are easy to re-sharpen and will last much longer than ordinary scrapers and blades. Our window tools are unique and anyone can achieve professional results when doing a window restoration.